15+ Free High Quality Vintage Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is one of the more popular social media platforms. You can modify the way your Twitter home page displays with colourful background themes. Recently twitter has introduced the option to modify and decorate the backgrounds with effects and bright colours. Visit our site and you can find hundreds of vintage twitter backgrounds readily available for free download. The inclusion of vintage twitter backgrounds can be fun and creates for an engrossing presence.

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High Quality Twitter Background

Twitter BackgroundDownload

Pretty Blue Winter Twitter Background

Pretty Blue Winter Twitter BackgroundDownload

Steampunk Twitter Background

Steampunk Twitter BackgroundDownload

Vintage Twitter Background

Vintage Twitter BackgroundDownload

Vintage Twitter Backgrounds

Vintage Twitter BackgroundsDownload

Adding that extra dash to Twitter background

With these vintage twitter backgrounds, a certain dashing effect is being created. With these vintage effects, you are stepping back through time. These background designs represent the bygone era. These background themes are perfect culmination of dark over light shades that express a lot of words through artistic designing touch and also creates a moody feeling. Makeover your twitter account with these vintage and classic background themes with the help of Photoshop background tools.  Customize the backgrounds as per taste and style requirement with the inclusion of designer elements, icons, images, and quotes. Ensure that the right shades to make the screen look bright and well-crafted.

Blue Vintage Twitter Background

Blue Vintage Twitter BackgroundDownload

Beautiful Vintage Floral Twitter Background

Beautiful Vintage Floral Twitter BackgroundDownload


Beautiful Vintage Twitter Background with Sun Light Rays

Beautiful Vintage Twitter Background with Sun Light RaysDownload


Free Vintage Rose Flower Twitter Background

Free Vintage Rose Flower Twitter BackgroundDownload

Free Blue & Brown Vintage Twitter Background

Free Blue & Brown Vintage Twitter BackgroundDownload

Vintage Twitter Floral Background

Vintage Twitter Floral BackgroundDownload

Blue Vintage Twitter Background Wallpaper

Blue Vintage Twitter Background WallpaperDownload

Recreating the retro look

Start exploring the vintage world with our high res and high quality vintage backgrounds. While exploring, you will slowly start to discover different styles, themes, and layers. The retro fashion elements from the 60’s era still enjoy strong popularity among women. For the men, more common vintage twitter background styles include porcelain cups, gramophone discs, and cott’s wool shirts. These backgrounds make your twitter screen look cool and stylish.

Blue and Brown Free Vintage Twitter Background

Blue and Brown Free Vintage Twitter BackgroundDownload



Free Turquoise Vintage Pattern Twitter Background

Free Turquoise Vintage Pattern Twitter BackgroundDownload



Sunburst Vintage Twitter Background

Sunburst Vintage Twitter BackgroundDownload

New Twitter Background

New Twitter BackgroundDownload

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