Take a look at these photoshop textures featuring different patterns such as torn paper, watercolour paper, marbled paper, and many more. These fully layered textures provide flexibility, which allows you to fix your design flawlessly on it. Download new texture for every project to make your projects different from one another.

Best Crumpled Paper Textures Collection

Best crumpled paper textures collection

Free crumpled paper textures are fine detailed texture that designers can use to distort the text to make them appear as if they are hand-written on paper. These beautiful textures will highlight the content imprinted in an appealing manner. Download crumpled textures in various patterns, colors and shapes to make your project look outstanding!

Construction Paper Textures

Construction paper Textures

Give your web pages or blogs an amazing outlook with the attractive construction paper textures. These high-resolution paper textures are available in black, white and many more colors that go well with any design. You can download, any paper texture, to improvise a simple design in an interesting way, that too for free!

Amazing Brown Paper Textures Collection

Brown paper textures

Stop using brown paper just to wrap gifts or books, when you can use free Brown paper textures as the background of your website or blog. Here’s exciting collection of attractive paper textures featuring crumpled, lined, and plain brown paper. Well, you can also set these photorealistic paper textures as your desktop wallpaper!

Best Folded Paper Textures Pack

Best Folded paper textures Pack

For the web or graphic designer, the fully layered folded paper textures can come handy while designing creative stuff. These photorealistic textures are available in wide range of colours and patterns that will definitely leave you awestruck. Download your favourite pack of these customizable folded paper textures for free today!

Rice paper textures Collection

Rice paper textures Collection

Free rice paper textures have turned to become designer’s favourite- it’s simple yet professional look can attract every pair of eyes that falls in it! available in all the light and bright colours to meet every designing need. These high-resolution rice paper textures are perfect for website, blogs, and twitter backgrounds!

Watercolor Paper Textures

Watercolor Paper Textures

The watercolors paper textures are commonly used in web designing to make the web site look more attractive. The Photoshop document can be downloaded for the purpose of web designing and they are absolutely free. They are editable and the photorealistic textures can give your viewers the ‘wow’ experience.

Kraft Paper Textures for Free Download

Kraft Paper Textures

Use attractive kraft paper textures to intensify the effect of content imprinted on the web page or blogs. Designers, digital artists and photographers can make their Photoshop library more resourceful with these free downloadable paper texture! From pure white kraft paper to multicoloured kraft paper texture, there are plenty of options waiting for you!

Lined Paper Textures for Free Download

Lined Paper Textures.jpeg

Lined paper textures are very commonly used in web designing. The fully layered line papers can be downloaded and you may edit them. The photorealistic features may also be used to give the touch of reality. You may have the customized lined paper with spacing, color, and number of lines, according to your need.

High Res Free Marbled Paper Textures

Marbled paper Textures

Show your passion for creativity using the Photoshop marbled paper textures that feature beautiful artwork made out of ink and paint colours. These customizable paper textures can be modified to match your layout perfectly. Take a peek of this exciting collection of photorealistic marbled paper textures that are absolutely free to download!

High Quality White Paper Textures

High Quality White Paper Texture

For giving a professional look to your website design, white paper texture backgrounds are the perfect one!  From plain notebook white paper to crumpled white paper, here you will find a wide selection of white paper backgrounds. Download the suitable paper textures for the website, blogs or desktop wallpaper, that too for free!

Best Black Paper Textures

Black paper Textures

The black color is often use do to make things look decent and attractive. Web designers also use black paper textures while designing the web pages. The fully layered black paper textures are editable and the photorealistic textures can give the essence of reality to the websites. So, go and download them for free!

Free Photoshop Ripped Paper Textures

Ripped paper textures

The free ripped paper textures are perfect for gaming level design, as these photorealistic textures will give a striking effect to it. These textures display fine detail of shredded and torn papers that you can use as a background for the blog, website or desktop wallpaper. Feel free to download any texture as they are absolutely free!

Free Photoshop Wrinkled Paper Textures

Wrinkled paper textures

Create some amazing web and graphic designs using the unusual yet attractive paper textures like wrinkled paper.  With the fully layered textures, you can fit your design on it faultlessly and amplify its effect on visitors. Web designers and digital artists can download these free wrinkled paper textures in a variation of shades, patterns and sizes!

High Quality Free Notebook Paper Textures

Notebook Paper Textures

Use free notebook paper photoshop textures for websites of stationary, writing courses or any book-related projects, as these photorealistic textures will create a familiar environment to attract visitors. With the editable paper textures, make your design blend perfectly with the texture. From dark lined to light lined notebook paper textures, you will get one that you need, here!

Free Cardboard paper Textures Pack

Free Cardboard paper textures pack

Create some magical design with the unusual cardboard paper textures that can do wonders to your design! Here’s a handpicked collection of different cardboard textures such as torn cardboard, damaged cardboard and many more which will help you to give a natural and realistic effect to any design-download them for free!

Best Free Newspaper Textures

Newspaper Textures

For a news-related website, what can be better than Photoshop Newspaper Textures?  Download photorealistic newspaper textures for free, which will definitely motivate the visitors to go through your website! These fully layered textures are available in a variety of patterns and forms like old, new, grunge and many more- go ahead take a look!

Torn Paper Textures for Website Background

Torn paper textures

The messy look is getting the hype everywhere! The web pages, the whiteboard videos, and others are using the torn paper textures to give some funny look. These textures are downloadable and editable as well. You can also add the photorealistic textures in these fully layered, Photoshop documents.

Paper Bag Textures for Free Download

Paper Bag Textures for Free Download

A variety of paper bag texture is used by the web and graphic designers to make the web page more attractive. You can even get the personally customized paper bag textures for your web page. The Photoshop document is downloadable and editable as well. The photorealistic texture can make your work look perfect!

There’s more to it- all the paper textures are customizable! Web designers, graphic designer and digital artist can modify these backgrounds in Photoshop with ease to create fantastic designs! For educational websites, school’s websites and writing courses, the paper textures are the right one as they beautifully portray the intentions of the website.

With the old paper textures, designers can give a vintage effect to any layout. There are varieties of options available in paper textures with dark as well as light shades. Every texture is efficient enough to enhance the attractiveness of any design that will capture the attention to your website, or printable materials like brochures, magazines, etc.

Be it a personal project or a commercial project, these textures are suitable for any projects- download your desired paper texture now! All of the available options in textures are free downloadable- grab this opportunity to add some subtle textures to your graphic library.

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