In order to do the best of Photoshop designing, the butterfly Photoshop brushes have gained so much popularity. The collection comprises of various types of brushes that can perplex you a lot while you are choosing one. You can pick any one for designing the invitation card or for the decor purpose with the help of Photoshop. Just download and print it and then you are good to go.

Beautiful Butterfly Brushes for Photoshop

Beautiful Butterfly BrushesDownload Button

23 Free Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

23 Free Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

Free Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

Free Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

Free Butterfly Brushes

Free Butterfly BrushesDownload Button

20 Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

20 Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

Photoshop Butterfly Brushes

Photoshop Butterfly BrushesDownload Button

Beautiful Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

Beautiful Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

20 Butterfly PS Brushes Vol.5

Butterfly PS BrushesDownload Button

25 Beautiful Blue Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

Beautiful Blue Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

Types of butterfly designed brushes to choose from

With the help of these butterfly designed brushes, you can make cards, party flyers as well as blog themes as well. If you want, you can customize them with the help of these high quality brushes in Photoshop to give the designs a realistic effect but for that you need the brushes. Starting from the simple- yet- gorgeous ones to all different sorts of brushes, you can get all these in a single click. You might even like to personalise the background by adding your own photos.

20 Baby Butterfly Photoshop Brushes Vol.3

Baby Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

15 Fantasy Butterfly Photoshop Brushes for Free

15 Fantasy Butterfly Photoshop Brushes for FreeDownload Button

Download 20 Photoshop Butterfly Brushes

Download Photoshop Butterfly BrushesDownload Button

Pretty Butterfly Photoshop Brushes Set

Pretty Butterfly Photoshop Brushes SetDownload Button

15 Butterfly Photoshop Brushes CollectionButterfly Photoshop Brushes CollectionDownload Button


Some of the designed brushes are really easy to use and they are available in the .ABR format. All of them are photorealistic and that is the reason why you should be downloading the tools to make the designs. No matter which design you choose, it will serve the purpose of impressing your clients.

Colorful Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

Colorful Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

18 Butterfly Brushes Pack

Butterfly Brushes PackDownload Button

20 Free Photoshop Butterfly Brushes

Free Photoshop Butterfly BrushesDownload Button

Awesome 7 Pretty Butterfly Brushes for Photoshop

Awesome Pretty Butterfly Brushes for PhotoshopDownload Button

8 Fantasy Butterfly Brushes

Fantasy Butterfly BrushesDownload Button

Black and Red Butterfly Brushes Pack

Black and Red Butterfly Brushes PackDownload Button

Hand Drawn Butterfly Brushes

Hand Drawn Butterfly BrushesDownload Button

If you want more uniqueness, then you can use more than one brush together to bring out aristocratic look in the design which will showcase your creativity in the best manner.

26 Butterflies and Trails Brushes for Photoshop and Gimp

Butterflies and Trails Brushes for Photoshop and GimpDownload Button

20 Butterfly PS Brushes Vol.4

Butterfly PS BrushesDownload Button

Downloadable 8 Best Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

Best Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

High Res Butterflies Photoshop Brushes

High Quality Butterflies photoshop BrushesDownload Button

12 Butterfly Photoshop Brushes for Free

Butterfly Photoshop Brushes for FreeDownload Button

Downloadable 20 Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

Downloadable Butterfly Photoshop BrushesDownload Button

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