Marker pens – you would have used them at some point in your life for sure. Well, now they are easily available in Photoshop too. If you’re into illustrations and doing illustrative art, you’d know and agree that marker brushes are important and very useful. You may also see Sketch Brushes.

Marker Photoshop brushes exist in huge varieties. We have looked through the Web and found you the best and latest of the pack. These brushes are available in high-resolution and have fully-customizable aspects. Take a look! You may also see Shape Photoshop Brushes.

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Hand Painted Free Marker Brushes

This is a Photoshop brushes vector of hand drawn arrow designs. The vector set features different directional pointers sketched in a casual manner. You may also see Spray Brushes.

Free Textured Marker Brush Free

Laced with a different texture, this Photoshop Marker brush is developed using different marker colors in a consecutive fashion.

Deadbeat Photoshop Free Marker Brushes

If you want your marker Photoshop to brush to exude the vibe of casual laziness, check out this set of marker brushes created by careless crafting.

Sharpie Marker PS Brushes

This comprehensive template has 90 sharpie marker vector brushes for illustrator – breakup is as follows: 51 Bullet Marker, 29 Thin Marker, 10 Magnum Marker. This is a handmade template and very easy to use.

Vector Art Marker Brush Bundle

Take away this set of vector art brushes bundle and give a boost to your Photoshop Brushes library. This is a value-pack and contains Antique Print Effect Brushes, Ink Sketch Brushes, Hatch and Cross-Hatch Brushes, and Marker Pen Brushes.

Hand Drawn Marker Brush

This vector contains 28 hand-drawn marker brush elements. Using a neon blue highlighter, the vectors have been created.

Marker Scratch Brushes

If you like textured Photoshop brushes, we recommend you to download and run your eyes through this set of PSD marker brushes. These are available in a display resolution of up to 2000 pixels. Each brush can be aptly used for doing up borders, texture overlays or patterns.

Marker Lines Photoshop Brushes

This vector file offers you a collection of 15 marker pen brushes. Each brush stroke is distinctly different and high resolution (300DPI.)

Black Ink Marker Brush Strokes

This set of marker pen brushes features various strokes created using marker pen having different depth and shape. The strokes are available in black however, they can be easily customized in Photoshop.

Real Marker Pen Brushes

If you’re working on a design which needs realistic marker brush impressions, this set of photorealistic brush vectors should accomplish the task wonderfully for you!

Marker Brushes for Photoshop

Be it comic book illustrations, borders or text, this set of hand-drawn design marker brushes are endowed with attributes to let you fulfill your project’s aspirations very well!

Marker Elements Brush Set

Download and introduce yourself to this comprehensive set of 50 hand drawn vector brushes. The quality of brushes in this bundle are designed to lend a realistic and organic feel to your projects.

High Resolution Marker Brushes

Make use of 33 high-resolution marker brushes to improve your artwork and the design value of projects. The brushes contain numerous bars, circles, boxes, arrows, stars, and flourishes.

Pen Strokes Marker Brushes Vector

This marker brush collection contains various brush stroke vectors. From intricately thin to boldly thick, the brush strokes are designed using different intensity of stroke-play.

Marker Pen Strokes AI Brushes

This set contains 64 high quality marker pen brush strokes in all kinds of different colors. There are strokes as well as scribbles included in the set. Feel free to use them in personal and professional projects.

Paint Markers Brush Set

Mri Art Marker Brush

High Quality Marker Pen Brushes PSD

Dave’s Marker and Inkpen Brushes Version

Real Markers Essentials Free Brushes

Sharpie Markers Vector Brushes

All of the Marker Photoshop brushes compiled above are equipped with great qualities including fully-editable and customizable features. Be it a online project or an offline endeavors, these brushes are suitable and capable for use in projects of print, web, and graphic design!

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