Artists have always used natural elements to draw and paint. And apart from the usual ink and lead, charcoal has been something that even the primitive man has used. Since the entire world of design is shifting towards the digital design, these elements are also being replicated in software.You may also see Line Brushes.

Here are some mockups of charcoal brushes that you can download and use in Photoshop. You can make these handmade charcoals and chalk brushes a part of your design element and also play around with a bunch of options to tweak the original. Check them out here.

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90 Wet Charcoal Photoshop Brushes

This set of 90 brushes was created by dipping charcoal in water and getting the result on paper which was scanned to become a photoshop brush. This set can be downloaded and you can use them in your PSD designs.

Realistic Charcoal Photoshop Brushes

Here is the ABR file for the realistic charcoal brushes you can use in photoshop. The work is of Wojtek Fus. The brushes can be used for portraits and shading purposes as they have that hardness and texture to it.

Realistic Charcoal Brushes

This is a great collection of various charcoal brushes. It has brushes classified based on how they are created, like smeared, smudged, outlined, and textured. The download comes with a reference guide which will help you better in understanding the brushes.

Grungy Charcoal Brushes

If you are looking for a shabby, grunge look then this set of 21 such charcoal brushes might help you. These hand-drawn brushes are created by Katie Allen and are between 900-px and 500-px in size. You can use these cool brushes in various colors to add amazing texture and artwork to your design.

Brushes With Chalk and Charcoal Strokes

This is a simple yet powerful brush that you can download from ShutterStock. This set of chalk and charcoal stroke brushes can be used to create amazing artwork and designs. These brushes have a nice flow and a hard feel and don’t have much radius, making it very much like a thick pencil or a crayon.

Charcoal Vector Brushes

Here is a set of 26 brushes that will create realistic digital drawings. This series of brushes has been derived from real chalk and charcoal strokes and is available for a modest 8 dollars. The flow is little yet regular, so you can use them for areas with a light shade.

Photoshop Charcoal Brush Pack

Check out this set that includes 18 artistic charcoal brushes for photoshop to funk up your designs. This professional collection also includes transparent PNG files with black on them so that you can edit faster using smart objects.

Hand Drawn Charcoal Brushes

This is another set of grungy charcoal brushes that have been hand-drawn. This vector illustration contains 70 such brushes that can be isolated and used in photoshop. Find them on ShutterStock. This pack contains all the basic designs derived from charcoal, and can cover most of your requirements.

Charcoal Scattering PS Brushes

Hand-written text is something that looks unbelievably good on a design if done with the right choice of ink. And charcoal is always the right choice. Use this collection of 22 high-quality charcoal brushes that can be very useful.

Fat Charcoal Brushes Photoshop

High Quality Charcoal Stripes Brushes

Collection of Charcoal & Pencil Brushes

Charcoal Photoshop Brush Set

Art Pencil Charcoal Brush Set

Charcoal Pencil Brushes

Grungy Black Graphite Charcoal Brushes

High Resolution Charcoal Brushes

Charcoal Heart Brushes

Elegant Vector Charcoal Brushes

These charcoal brushes are amazing and will really look great on a plain background. It can be a bar menu in white and blue on a black background, or a retro vintage poster. These brushes will help you give a rustic handcrafted finish to your designs if you can use them appropriately.

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