To really understand the capabilities and be able to harness it to its full potential of the Photoshop brush option it might take few years to a decade, such is the power of the simple brush stroke. Because it is being done digitally, the boundaries of the feature are much more blurred. You can obviously do the conventional strokes to draw and paint, but you can also do much more than that. You may also see Foilage Brushes.

Previously, articles have been written regarding different brushes that can be used in Photoshop, like dragon brushes, or brushes to give the texture of a rope or charcoal. Here is a list along the similar lines that will give you the texture along with the look and feel of fog. These brushes mentioned below can be used in Photoshop to get this cool feature. You can even be inspired to create your own brush by playing around with the numerous options there are in Photoshop.

High Resolution Fogs Brushes

Adding another one to the list here is the downloadable ABR for the photoshop brush to create fog and mist. The brushes were created using PS7 and in the link below you will see some of the outstanding results of the brushes.


15 High Quality Fog Effect Brushes

This is another such pack with a wide collection of different fog brushes that you should definitely use in your upcoming projects. And because they are free, you don’t have to wait until you have a design idea, and just keep them as a stock brush.

Realistic Photoshop Fog Brushes

Three Foggy Brushes For Desktop

Here is another ABR download which will provide you with three foggy brushes. As the designer mentions, the best results are seen for 50 percent opacity, but that doesn’t mean you don’t play around with these options to find the best-desired result for you.

Dynamic Air Fog Brushes

Fog and Mist Brushes

Looking for a great pack that gives you great features of creating mist, fog and add the touch of distant clouds and such shapes in your landscape paintings and picture retouching? Here is one such collection of 30 different high-resolution brushes.

20 Fog PS Autumn Brushes

Tranquility Brushes For You

Here is a great brush that will create the fog and mist appeal to your designs. Click on the download link provided below to come across different examples to see the output of the brush. The download contains a really small zip file that you can unzip in your computer for the photoshop brush.

Free Fog Photoshop Brushes

Here is a pack that contains 15 high-quality brushes for Photoshop to create a fog effect. The brushes are set at 255+ pixels size and are capable of creating professional visual effects. Get hold of this free download and use them in your upcoming projects.

Elegant Mist Cool Brushes

Fully Customized Fog Brushes

One of the greatest things about photoshop brushes is that it provides you multiple options to tinker with, like the blending mode, opacity, flow, hardness, etc; that when you change any of them, you end up with a new brush style altogether. And this is how even a downloaded brush can be customized and not used just as it was provided to you.

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