Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to celebrate the fathers and father figures that make for their children’s lives. We call these important men dad, daddy, papa, pops, or even grandpop, as a sign of respect and love.

For a heartwarming gesture, it would be great to give them a father’s day greeting card they will gladly appreciate.

To get you started, we have listed down a heap of greeting cards that will be perfect for Father’s Day. You may also look through our collection of Father’s Day images to have an extensive search to add on your greeting card ideas. We promise you that all our card designs are available in a downloadable format.

Our Collection of Father’s Day Greeting Cards

We have curated a list of Father’s Day greeting cards to show your love and support for your dad. Our heap of card designs feature coordinated color schemes and varying and distinctive design styles to match your preferences, and of course, match your dad’s personality. Have a look and select from our amazing father’s day card designs.

Illustrated Father’s Day Greeting Cards

Father’s Day Card in a Watercolor Style
fantastic father s day cards in watercolor style


This makes a great choice as a gift for Father’s Day. This design displays a soft watercolor wash that also adds texture and lighting to the illustrated elements. The illustration of a child and father’s hand enclosing a heart is endearing. It also uses dominant shades of blue and is contrasted with two other primary colors of a tinted yellow and washed red.


Typographic and Watercolor Style Father’s Day Card
hand painted hand father s day greetings


It is a known fact that most fathers are sports fans. Incorporating that sports interest into your Father’s Day greeting card will be widely appreciated. The thin brush-like texture of the hand-written typographic elements is best paired with an illustrated foam finger. This design incorporates a light source and uses shades of blue to create lighting to both the font and illustration.


Father’s Day Pizza Card Design


If you enjoy cracking jokes with your dad, then this greeting card design is a perfect pick. It re-imagines food and beverages as fun and cool images of our dads. It also uses puns for its greetings. This card design comes along with cute food and party backgrounds.


Illustrated and Typographic Father’s Day Card

This simple and direct Father’s Day greeting card pictures a portion of outer space and uses typographic elements to design a space rocket. The latter could mean a transcending love and respect of a child to its patriarch and man’s next frontier is the manner of explaining their relationship with their fathers are beyond the universe itself.

The Beauty of Father’s Day Greeting Cards

During Father’s Day, we are encouraged to give our fathers male represented gifts such as whiskeys, cigars, a steak dinner and so on. But why not take a different route and give them a greeting card instead? The uniqueness of greeting cards are shown in their physical permanence and straight from the heart message. Greeting cards can also be shared, re-read and passed on to different readers who are curious about your message for your patriarch.

For our fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, and uncles, a greeting card gives humble recognition to the valuable paternal roles they fulfill in the family and in society as a whole. The unique attribute of greeting cards is the message we’ve written for our patriarchs. We get to express our viewpoint and appreciation for our fathers.We take the time and effort to execute a well-thought-out greeting card.

Having trouble making one? How about we help you in making your greeting cards? We have a curated and lovable Father’s Day greeting card collection down below and a list of Father’s Day greeting card ideas.

Greeting Cards with Pop Culture References

Editing Your Own Father’s Day Greeting Card

Since you already have our sample greeting card designs, it will be easy to personalize them according to your preference. You’ll be needing just a few tweaks to execute your concept into a fully-realized idea.

Browse below to familiarize with the technical basics of tweaking and finishing your Father’s Day greeting cards.

  • Save as CMYK. Don’t fret, most of these card designs are CMYK print ready. But if you added a couple of changes and customization to your greeting card, keep in mind to save it in CMYK. The latter is a color mode that saves your assigned colors the way they look in the design stage when the card has been printed. If you plan on sharing your Father’s Day Card design online, then save it in RBG mode.
  • Cards come in different sizes. Why stick to the standard paper size when you can go big with your Father’s Day card? There is a range of paper sizes from A1 to A10, but commonly used sizes are A3 to A5. Don’t be confused with these paper sizes even though they are set differently. A1 is bigger in size in a 23.4 x 33.1 in and on the flipside, A5 is in a 5.8 x 8.3 in size.
  • Apply bleeds. Bleeding, or allowing artwork to reach the edge of your paper, is necessary for layout and designing. Applying a bleed gives an allowance on the positive space and also serves as a mark when cutting your greeting cards. This is done in the editing process and guides are provided on editing software for you to easily apply to your design projects.

Vector Father’s Day Greeting Cards

Emotional Father’s Day Greeting Card
cute father s day illustration


This greeting card is a heart-warming representation of a father and his child’s bond. This design is in a simple setting, illustrated with a soft gradient blue and a touch of illumination gives emphasis to the patriarch. The composition of graphic elements is balanced and with symmetry. The layout of the design gives the reader a flow to start from the text down to the vectored images of a father and daughter.


World’s Best Dad Greeting Card
fathers day blue background


World’s Best Dad is a statement we use to describe our own fathers. It brings honest pride for the hard work and wisdom they have done and imparted to us. Use this greeting card to best represent your patriarch. It comes in a complementary color scheme of blue and orange with touches of white and tints of blue. The pin with the World’s Best Dad written on it is given emphasis. The sparkles and the layout gives readers a flow to view starting from the focal point, which is laid out from the left side then going to the right.


I Love You Dad Greeting Card Design
dad with his sleepy son letter


This ready to print Father’s Day greeting card gives a nostalgic feeling to the readers and recipients. It has a simple and powerful message written on front of the card and it provides enough space at the back for you to write a message for the recipient. The colors are a pair of blue and pink and are trimmed with white for a finishing touch.


Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Card
lovely scene card of father s day


Similar to a previous example above, this gives a nostalgic feeling to when we were a little. The shapes used for the character designs best represents the figures’ personality as seen in the design. It is also CMYK print ready.

Keep in mind to keep your Father’s Day greeting card with good appearance and send it properly. Place it in a clean and appropriate envelope and keep it sealed.

Greeting cards are a physical way of extending your appreciation for a person. The charm of greeting cards is they allow the giver to share a written connection with the recipient. Composing a message is a breeze from then on, as long as it comes from the heart.

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