Papa, Dad, Daddy are just three of the many names we used to call that one man in our lives who’s lived up to the title of our personal everyday Superman. Such a special man may come in several forms: our biological father, who was at some point subjected to diaper duty; funny Uncle Bob, who cracks the most hilarious jokes at Thanksgiving; Mr. Diaz, your favorite teacher who teaches ninth grade English; and so on.

And of course, such a special man ought to be given much-needed recognition especially on that one day a year their balding selves are celebrated. To help you out with that, take a peek at these Free Cards!

Happy Father’s Day Animated Card

Happy Fathers Day Animated Card


Free Happy Father’s Day Card

Happy Fathers Day Animated Card

Customized Happy Father’s Day Card

Happy Fathers Day Gift Card

Happy Father’s Day Greeting Card

Happy Fathers Day Greeting Card

My Sentiments Exactly

An occasion as important as Father’s Day naturally permits gifts and custom cards and whatnot. With the selection we have here, you can’t ever go wrong.

Apparent upon seeing (with skimming, even) the whole page, our collection of free Father’s Day Card/Free Thank You Card templates offer a wide variety of designs.

  • Mr. Fix-It. A couple or more of the cards Father’s Day here feature the whole Mr. Fix-It theme. With a smattering of illustrations of a wrench and a screwdriver here and a hammer and a pair of pliers there, you can tell your dad just how much you appreciate him for his repairing skills.
  • Dad references galore. What else says dad aside from a necktie in “Highly Editable Father’s Day Card” (of course) and a checkered pattern in “Happy Father’s Day Wishes Card”? (Seriously, how did checks become a “dad thing”?)
  • Dad’s So Rad. Tell your dad how awesome he is with the “Happy Father’s Day Printable Card” or the “Cartoon Happy Father’s Day Card.”
  • Not a Dad Joke. If you wanna crack a funny one, you may opt for the “Funny Happy Father’s Day Card.”

Highly Editable Father’s Day Card

Cute Fathers Day Card

Happy Father’s Day Wishes Card

Happy Fathers Day Wishes Card


Funny Happy Father’s Day Card

Funny Happy Fathers Day Card

Cartoon Happy Father’s Day Card

Cartoon Happy Fathers Day Card

Download Happy Father’s Day Card

Download Happy Fathers Day Card


Father of the Year

Perhaps it’s safe to say that most, if not all, of us would gladly get into a “my dad’s better than your dad” type of debate. It could be the incessant desire to prove another person wrong or one-up him/her somehow, but that’s a whole ’nother story for a different time.

It doesn’t matter if:

  • he doesn’t let you go out this weekend because your chem final of 89/100 was “below average” for him
  • he won’t let you date a boy you like because his penchant for skinny jeans made him look like a “sissy”
  • he always started a conversation with strangers—including your peers—with the same dad joke
  • he thinks your being an English major won’t—in any way, shape, or form—help you get ahead in life
  • he wears too many checkered sweaters, sings the mushiest oldies songs, and thinks that Owl City is an amusement park for a particular kind of bird

No matter how many “blunders” he’s committed, no matter how many “injustices” we’ve suffered from at their hands, we all hold one thing true: our dad is the best.

And with these Free Fathers Day Card templates, you can tell your dad just that.

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