A certain member of the demographic will always want to stick to old traditions. Sometimes writing, “Have a Happy Birthday,” on someone’s timeline will reduce you to being an automaton in this already fast-paced world. Why don’t you give our unique cards a try? Give the birthday celebrant something that is not cold or impersonal.

Pick, download and print your choice in any of our “9+ Unique Birthday Card Designs.” If you are in a penny-pinching mood right now, then you can also check our Free Birthday Cards. They are also available in PSD, SVG, JPG, and PNG formats.

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Birthday Party Card Idea

Birthday Photo Card Idea

Colorful Birthday Card Idea


Cartoon Birthday Card Idea

***Alex, I think these are mostly just ideas, and not exactly something you just download and print. Can you rewrite this a little bit. Instead of saying, “print this out and give it to blah”, just say something like, “use your arts and crafts skills to recreate the floral design in 50th Birthday Card Idea”. Thanks!***

Trendy, Whimsical and Money-Saving

Our compilation of stunning layouts will be cherished immediately by your friends and family. Take a pick. We have created thoughtful designs for you to choose from with ease.

  • For the Adorable Ones That Make You Smile

How do you like your “Invitation” design type? Do you like designs that are bursting with colors? Try copying this “Birthday Party Card Idea” so the only problem left for you to deal with is the gift that you will be bringing.

  • Convey Your Messages and Feelings More With a Photo

We know that a personalized image is not just enough when you send a birthday greeting. With our “Birthday Photo Card Idea,” adding a photo is not just optional. It is a vital part of expressing that sentiment of well-wishing. Now that’s how you wish someone an awesome day!

  • Penny-Pinching Time

Sometimes an awesome way to celebrate a birthday with a friend is by doing it in a frugal way. Scrap that plan to book a villa. Cross-out that beach party. Download this “Birthday Card Idea for a Friend” image, personalize it, print it out, and give it to your friend. Don’t forget to add donuts, bagels, or muffins when you hand this out!

However, if you are someone who adores digital media than you can also check our Electronic Birthday Cards.

50th Birthday Card Idea

Vintage Birthday Card Idea

Birthday Balloon Card Idea

Flat Birthday Card Idea


Going Old-School Is Still Cool

Admit it, there is always that feeling of warmth when you open a traditional card. No two birthday cards will ever be exactly the same, even with the same greeting. This is due to that heartfelt message that the sender adds on the paper.

  • Give birthday cards as an emotional piece. Is the recipient of the birthday card someone who is known for storing keepsake items? Send him or her these work of art greetings. We know this will be a treat for him or her once it’s waxing nostalgia time for those stored mementos.
  • Give birthday cards because you care. Is a celebrant having a hard time in his or her life? Is he or she having a difficult phase due to a sudden career shift? Has the distance between both of you become that stumbling block for your friendship? Send an appropriate card from our compilation and let him or her know that you are deeply thinking of her.

If you want to passed-up  this offering because you want to scout for more ideas than you can also check our Printable Birthday Cards. They are also downloadable, customizable, and available in various formats.

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