When you really think about and consider the inconvenient fact that we are all afforded just a given number of days in this world, it sobers you up, and sometimes the weight of it hits you like a ton of bricks. But then you get a sort of “Eureka!” moment somewhere in the middle, and all of a sudden, you’re all about making each moment count. One of the ways to go about doing that is to celebrate every milestone and pivotal moment in your life.

With this collection of 9+ printable greeting card designs, you just might be making that first step in the right direction. These Free Cards come in an assortment of designs, each custom-made to fit a certain occasion. They’re also available in Vector EPS, JPG, etc. formats. Stay around awhile to check them out.

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Printable Birthday Greeting Card Design


Printable Valentine’s Day Greeting Card


Printable Christmas & New Year Greeting Card


Greeting Cards in All Forms, for All Occasions

It’s clear in this collection of Free Printable Cards and Free Greeting Cards that each design is different from the rest. There are plenty to choose from.

  • With Boughs of Holly

Send out your holiday greetings with “Printable Holiday Greeting Card,” or be a bit wordier with some sentiments of thanks and well wishes with “Printable Christmas & New Year Greeting Card.”

  • Blowing Out Birthday Candles

Greet a close relative, friend, or obscure acquaintance a happy birthday with the cartoon cake in “Printable Birthday Greeting Card Design.” Or tell those in your immediate circle of family and friends about your little man turning the big 3 with something like “Printable Mickey Mouse Greeting Card Design.”

  • In the Pit of Lurve

Send out valentines featuring minimalist but stellar graphics and a lovely verse with “Printable Valentine’s Day Greeting Card.” Or let your significant other know how much you love him or her and that you remember your day with the “Printable Anniversary Greeting Card.”

  • Others in Between

“Printable Baby Shower Greeting Card” and “Printable Retirement Greeting Card Design” are pretty self-explanatory (you obviously know what they’re for). Then there’s “Printable Blank Greeting Card Design” for your lengthy expressions of thought.

Printable Anniversary Greeting Card


Printable Baby Shower Greeting Card

Printable Mickey Mouse Greeting Card Design


Printable Engagement Greeting Card


Printable Retirement Greeting Card Design


How to Up Your Greeting Cards

Seeing as how we’ve covered your options and talked briefly about each one, let’s get to the application part of this collection of Free Printable Greeting Cards. Here are a couple of take-home points and how you can take the designs up a notch:

  • Scrap the typical square or rectangle.

There’s a reason people call those who are considered the “boring” ones square. I mean, doesn’t it make you snooze looking at four even sides? Opt for an interesting cutout like the doily-like one in “Printable Baby Shower Greeting Card.” (You can also opt for the shape of a bib, a rattle, or a carriage for the baby shower ones, just so you know.)

  • Make sure that the details mesh with the overall design.

It’s those extra little details that people find amusement in. In “Printable Mickey Mouse Greeting Card Design,” note how the envelope is also in “Mickey yellow” (the same yellow as his shoes) and how the postage stamp is of a portrait of Pluto.

  • Play around with the layout.

Like in “Printable Engagement Greeting Card,” you don’t have to stick to the center alignment.

So there you have it! Now that the spiel’s over, you just have to download!

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