Every day, our fathers put on their uniforms — construction, medical, school uniform, or the classic suit and tie. Although each uniform varies in purpose, it still represents a father’s hard work and love for his family. A suit and tie is one of the common representation we see for fathers, probably for its level of class and professionalism.

If you want to invest in a high-quality suit and tie combination, you could select from our array of sharp suit and ties vectors that are perfect gifts for the hardworking dads on Father’s Day. Browse below to give you an idea on how to customize and use these vector suit and ties to bring potential to any medium. You may also add these white paper textures to add more character to your Father’s Day gift.

Colorful Set of Suit and Tie Vector Banners

banners of suit with necktie and bow tie


This set of suit and tie vector banners has a distinctive use of a complementary color scheme—from shades of blue, pink, green and yellow with pops of red and white. It also combines thick and wide serif and sans serif fonts but are contrasted with bright use of colors. These vectors are perfect to use in websites and applications as a header or banners.

Classic Suit and Tie Vector Design

lovely father s day card with suit


The allure of this vector design is the pairing of a sharp and professional suit with a preppy and classic inner shirt. The mix between two differing patterns subdues the strength of the suit and gives a relaxing charm with the preppy argyle pattern.


Casual Sweater and Tie Vector

stock vector happy father s day a coffee cup congratulation best dad postcard 280596044

This design incorporates two differing color rules of thumb: receding and advancing. The inner shirt showcases a warm and subdued shade of yellow and is contrasted with a muted shade of red. But on the whole vector design, the advancing colors (yellow, red, orange, etc.) are paired with the receding colors of shades of blue and green. This creates balance and cohesiveness in the vector design.


Illustrated Casual Sweater and Formal Tie Vector

hand painted father s day background with a jersey and tie


As you may see, the color scheme uses the primary colors blue, red, and saturated yellow. This is a simple design style and the watercolor washes create depth and texture to the vector.


Sharp Suit and Tie Vector Design

father s day background with red necktie


This vector design uses a light source and with its strokes and shadows creates perspective and character. This has a simple and clean application with the color, color scheme, and shapes.

How can you use these vector designs?

You can use these suit and tie vectors for the immediate go-to when designing greeting cards and posters. You can customize the text or place any addtional design elements depending on your preference.

Also, you can print these vector designs with different paper sizes. If you want a bigger size for your vector, you can assign an A1 or A2 paper size. On the flipside, you can also print them in A3 or A4 paper size so you can hand out a miniature or standard greeting card or poster.

Go big, crazy, and creative by using these vectors! You can create an origami or actual greeting cards. If you are considering doing such project, try tweaking on your chosen vector; probably adding width and length to the sides, bleeds around the borders or flaps so you can connect and create a physical greeting card. When that’s done, print each element and paste the parts together and that’s it.

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