Birthdays only happen once a year. Greeting the celebrant especially when it is a special someone, is an important thing that we all shouldn’t miss. But what if the celebrant is far from where you are– say, the person is located abroad? That’s no longer something to worry about these days because that is what electronic greeting cards is for. To know more about this wonderful resources, continue reading and don’t forget to download your selected items.

The e-cards on our listing are all supported by Editable PSD, AI, and Vector EPS Format for easy editing and scaling. You will even enjoy some of these for free even more so, with our Free Greeting Cards listing.

Funny Birthday Ecard

Funny Birthday Ecard

Printable Birthday Ecard

Printable Birthday Ecard

Animated Birthday Ecard

Animated Birthday Ecard

Belated Birthday Ecard

Belated Birthday Ecard

Birthday Gift Ecard

Birthday Gift Ecard

What is an E-Card?

Electronic cards are no different from postcards or greeting cards, the only primary difference being that it is made digitally and sent electronically via email or messaging apps.

Digital content is more versatile than the traditional greeting cards. Unlike traditional greeting cards, you can’t customize or add clip arts or texts and you can only use it once, plus it’s expensive sometimes. With electronic cards, you can edit or add to the content and you can send it extensively personalized by the sender. In addition, they can also be saved on your computer.

Customize and Personalize

  • Innovate the usual greeting card with something that will make the recipient smile with our “Funny Birthday Ecard”.
  • Do you want to add a touch of entertainment from the usual greeting card? Make that come true with our “Animated Birthday Ecard”.
  • Some of us might forget to greet our loved one due to our busy schedules, but it’s never too late to greet them. Send one of our “Belated Birthday Ecard”. They’ll forgive you for sure!
  • A comic type of a birthday e-card may be suitable for someone who loves comics or books. Entertain them with our “Birthday Gift Ecard”. You may also want to do a try out first with our Free Birthday Ecards listing.

Unique Birthday Ecard

Unique Birthday Ecard

Make Them Feel Special

Electronic cards are now becoming popular. Greeting cards, no matter how simple or grand the important thing is the recipients’ feeling towards it. It shows that you remember them and that they are special and dear to you. So, take advantage of these birthday electronic greeting cards and you’ll never have to miss making that special greeting to a loved one again.

Advantages to Enjoy

  • Our list of Birthday e-cards can be used to sent electronically to your loved ones or special someone via email or other social media platforms that these files are compatible with. This is also a great way to give especially to those recipients in a distant location.
  • These e-cards are fully editable which means users have a choice to insert photos and texts at anytime, anywhere.
  • We also offer free of cost e-cards of you are o a tight budget. Just check the specifications of each item first to find out which ones are free.
  • Our list of birthday e-cards can be used by people who want to wish their dear one a Happy Birthday.


Download your selected Birthday e-card from our list now! Customize it however you want and send them electronically to the birthday Celebrant. You may also enjoy our fun-filled listing of Free Animated Ecards .

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