You managed to get to this page, and now you’re poring over the collection of Free Birthday Cards. This tells me that you’re either looking for a great-quality birthday card to give to a friend or your annoying little sister, but you just can’t be bothered to go buy one at the mall; or you’re looking for great-quality birthday party invitation templates for a totally low-key yet absolutely hoppin’ shindig (okay, that was trying too hard). Either way, you want great quality.

Well, lucky for you, you have that and more in our collection of 12+ cute birthday card designs! These birthday cards come in Photoshop PSD, AI Illustrator, Vector EPS, InDesign INDD, JPG, etc. formats—perfect for your customization needs. See for yourself!

Retro Birthday Card

Vintage Birthday Cards

Funny Birthday Card

Funny Birthday Cards


Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Cards

Kid’s Birthday Card

Kid's Birthday Cards

Birthday Gift Card

Birthday Gift Cards


Different Birthday Card Designs

When you realize how fleeting life really is, it makes you more introspective, gets you thinking about how you can make the most of your days. With that train of thought, it dawns on you that you ought to celebrate every milestone in your life, and a birthday is one of them.

With these Free Printable Birthday Card, you can make such a special event a memorable one. Also, you have tons to choose from in this collection of birthday card designs.

  • Everything Dainty and Whimsical

You gotta give it to those illustrators who create such delicate and detailed works of art, such as the one of “Happy Birthday Card.” And I don’t know about you, but flowers and branches and feathers are just really charming to me. Check out “DIY Birthday Card,” and you be the judge.

  • Minimalist but Packing a Punch

You also get a few simple ones in this collection of birthday card designs that do as good of a job without having to pile on design elements. Those are seen in “Kid’s Birthday Card,” “Printable Birthday Card,” and “Birthday Card Design.”

  • A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Not much has to be said here, so I’ll just leave “Personalized Birthday Card” and “Electronic Birthday Card” for your perusal.

Birthday Greeting Card

Birthday Greeting Cards

DIY Birthday Card

Diy Birthday Card

Printable Birthday Card

Printable Birthday Cards


Birthday Card Design

Birthday Card Design


What’s More to These Birthday Card Designs?

Now that you’ve seen all that you have to work with, here are a few suggestions on how else you can use these Happy Birthday Card designs.

  • Nifty Scrapbooking Material

Once in a while, we get a bit crafty for reasons unknown to us; and human as we all are, we try to address those whims and spur-of-the-moment ideas. Ever noticed how those scrapbooking bundle things from Hallmark and other brands come with a few cutouts and some artsy-fartsy paper? Well, you basically have that in “Homemade Birthday Card” and “Printable Birthday Card.” For stationery, “Funny Birthday Card” works just as well.

  • DIY Stickers

The uniform design and the even spacing between the “logos” make “Birthday Greeting Card” ideal as a sticker bundle. The same goes for “Birthday Gift Card.” All you have to do is download them, shove some sticker paper into your printer, and print!

  • Insta-bookmarks

You need only look at the incredible art and the layout and sizes in “Happy Birthday Card,” and you’ll know why.


List of options, done. List of suggestions, done. All that’s left is for you to check out the links and download! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, really.

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