Technical gadgets may be the ideal equipment widely used today for a variety of purposes, but there are still traditional ways that remain such as business cards. If you are reading this, then for sure you are one of those who still believes that this is the best professional tool to use when introducing yourself and your brand to a prospect. So, stay where you are for we are going to spill out our list of square business cards design– all for you to choose from!

Don’t forget to download your chosen design after you’ve viewed everything. Each file is supported by PSD, AI, and Vector EPS Formats, suitable for editing. You may also give our Free Cards a trial first.

Creative Square Business Card Template in Photoshop,MS Word

square business card template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 2.5×2.5 inches + Bleed


Modern Square Business Card

Modern Square Business Card

Small Square Business Card

Small Square Business Card


Speaks Volume

This small piece of material does more than just visual. If you want to leave a good impression on your prospect hand over a creative looking Personal Business Card to set as a reminder to your prospect or client. It always does the trick!

Maximizes Space

You can never tell where and when you will encounter your next potential client or prospect. It pays to always be ready at all times. keep a couple of business cards in your wallet or card case.

Our Square Business Card designs are all up for grabs, so choose wisely.

  • Keep it slick and sophisticated like our “Square Shaped Business Card”, “Modern Square Business Card”, “Stylish Square Business Cards”, and “Square Photography Business Card”.
  • If you want to your encounter to be remembered, do it by choosing a business card that looks extra interesting like the “Transparent Square Business Card”.
  • If your brand is all about innovativeness and all social pump up your business card game by being extra creative like our “Letterpress Square Business Card” and “Small Square Business Card”.

Blank Square Business Card

Business Card Blanks

Stylish Square Business Cards

Luxury Square Business Card

Corporate Square Business Card

Corporate Square Business Card

Square Photography Business Card

Square Photography Business Card

The Power it Holds

Here are four reasons why you need a business card and why it still matters today.

  • Keep It Professional

Exchanging contact information digitally may sound like an ideal thing in the digital age. But in reality, this manner is impersonal. If your meeting or encounter is business related, swapping information should always be done professionally with a business card.

  • Effective Direct Marketing Tool

Digital ways such as email marketing or paid media can certainly do a good job in the present information age. But, it still isn’t as effective as personal meeting; shaking hands along with swapping business cards.

  • Makes a Perfect Impression

The goal is to leave a good impression on the prospect or potential client and to wrap that up, you want to be remembered by leaving something they can get a hold of.

  • It Will Market for You

It pays to have a creative business card that’s impressive and worth sharing to others. It is fairly important, as your brand basically stays with this material. You’d be surprised how this single piece of paper can continue to market for you.


Don’t miss this chance! If you have chosen a design from our list, download it now and save it on your thumbnail or go ahead and have it printed. The files are made easy to download as it is supported by PSD, AI, and Vector EPS Formats. You can also check our Free Printable Business Card listing to give free ones a try first.

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