I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say that you’re a graphic designer or illustrator working on an initial logo or some other design proposal for a startup crafts or textile store, maybe even a haberdashery. Or perhaps you’re a student needing a couple or more embellishments to add to your school projects and term papers.

Well, perhaps with this collection of the 9+ pretty bow clip arts, you just might find what you’re looking for! These Free Clip Art Images of bows are available in PNG, JPG, etc. formats; so I bet you will absolutely find something in here that will fulfill those needs mentioned above. Go ahead and check things out for yourself.

Free Bow Clip Art

Free Bow Clipart


Ribbon Bow Clip Art

Ribbon Bow Clipart


Minnie Mouse Bow Clip Art

Minnie Mouse Bow Clipart


Christmas Bow Clip Art

Christmas Bow Clipart


Pink Bow Clip Art

Pink Bow Clipart


Bow Clip Arts 5 Ways

You can obviously see in this collection of bow clip arts (and I think you’ll agree with me on this one) that the bow images here are not just some Cartoon Clip Art to laugh at. Though focusing on a particular subject matter, there is still an undeniable variety across all these bow illustrations—in terms of color selection, art or illustration style, size, etc.

  • Close to the Real Thing

Upon an initial glimpse of “Free Bow Clip Art” and “Ribbon Bow Clip Art,” you might think, Wait, this is a drawing? (Okay, maybe not so much the latter, but it’s still pretty top-notch.) Yes, you’d be pleasantly surprised with how realistic some artists can make humble clip arts appear.

  • Patterned Pretties

In “Minnie Mouse Bow Clip Art” and “Hair Bow Clip Art,” you get the polka dot while in “Christmas Bow Clip Art,” you get pinstripes.

  • Big on the Outline

“Cheer Bow Clip Art” is one of those illustrations that make up for its lack in detail with bold outlines.

  • Out on the Job

In “Gift Bow Clip Art” and “Hello Kitty Bow Clip Art,” you can see how a simple bow “performs” with its different real-life uses—as a means to secure parcels and to beautify oneself, to name a couple.

  • Flat but Full

Then there’s “Pink Bow Clip Art” and “Bow Vector Clip Art,” both of which are technically flat icons but pack on the body and volume typical of bows.

Cheer Bow Clip Art

Cheer Bow Clipart


Gift Bow Clip Art

Gift Bow Clipart


Hello Kitty Bow Clip Art

Hello Kitty Bow Clipart


Bow Vector Clip Art

Bow Vector Clipart


Bow Clip Art How-To’s

So you’ve seen all that this collection of bow clip arts has to offer. Now let’s get to the number of ways you can make use of these bow illustrations. Yes, you read that correctly. There is actually more than one.

  • All-Around Adornments, Bow Cutouts

If for no other reason other than to make every visible, flat surface pretty you decide to download these bow clip arts, we totally won’t judge! In fact, with the pretty little numbers you have in “Free Bow Clip Art,” “Ribbon Bow Clip Art,” and “Christmas Bow Clip Art,” it would be a real shame if you won’t download them for that.

  • Ready-Made Greeting Card Art

Take “Gift Bow Clip Art” and “Hello Kitty Bow Clip Art,” and play around with them and these Free Clip Art Borders. Then you just might have a decent greeting card to work with. And you won’t even have to leave your home or spend a dime!

  • Design Inspiration

Whatever design you are working on—be it an article of clothing, a piece of jewelry, a business logo, etc.—you can draw some inspiration from the shapes and color selections you see here.


Now that, that spiel’s over with, you can go right ahead, check out those links, and hit download!

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