Are you looking for the perfect activity you can engage your kids in? Has coloring crossed your mind too? Hold that thought and carry on with this article. Today’s subject for our coloring pages is penguins. This cute creature is the perfect way to share trivia with your kids and to inspire them to color at the same time. Do not exit without downloading the page you like and have your kids enjoy it!

These printable Coloring Pages for Kids are in JPG and AI Illustrator for easy saving, editing (scale) and printing.  So make them ditch the digital gadgets and go organic with this basic but physically distinct physical activity.

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Realistic Penguin Coloring Page


Happy Feet Penguin Coloring Page


Cute Penguin Coloring Page


Color Festival

Coloring is an activity that reminds us of the time when we were kids–if we loved it then, then it makes sense that we’d love it now and for our kids. It is a welcome respite from the digital age as this physical activity is very distinct; it promotes relaxation. It doesn’t strain the eyes like spending hours and hours with a gadget screen would. So get the children to the basics and lessen their exposure to radiation.

  • Child-friendly

A bigger scale and less detail to color is the perfect first step to introduce to a child, in order to not make them feel overwhelmed and for that, the “Winter Penguin Coloring Page”, “Cute Penguin Coloring Page”, and “Printable Penguin Coloring Page” will serve perfectly well.

  • Level Up

If you think your child can now handle a little bit more details to color on, then introduce our “Realistic Penguin Coloring Page”, “Happy Feet Penguin Coloring Page”, and “Free Penguin Coloring Page” to them. They’ll love and enjoy it for sure! Or you can also check our Bird Coloring Pages listing, they might like it even more too!

Baby Penguin Coloring Page


Free Penguin Coloring Page


Everyone is Welcome

Coloring is the perfect activity that can be done alone or as a group. It has been known to have many benefits and one of those benefits that we want to emphasize is that it’s “therapeutic”. It relieves stress caused by the many stressful factors in our environment. Having said this, we need to expand our coping resources to get by. 

  • Youngsters

Instead of making your kids play with gadgets, get them to color. This activity will help their mental and physical development. Plus, it will teach them to appreciate the simple things in life.

  • Art Attack

Art teachers have to have a bucket full of fun activities for the class. You can never go wrong with coloring. Discuss fun facts about the subject to color on and keep your students’ imagination running.

  • Creative Adults

Studies have proven that coloring as an activity, alleviates stress for adults and even to traumatized patients. If you are having a bad day, color it away and you’ll surely feel better afterward.


These files that we offer on this listing is in JPG and AI Illustrator, which are common formats for editing for scale and printing. So download now! Do see more on what we’ve got for your kids in our Free Coloring Pages For Kids listing as well.

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