When I get bored, I tend to paw through my playlist of songs on my phone. That’s perhaps everyone else’s go-to as well. That is, aside from sleeping, maybe doodling, and reading a variety of books ranging from dollar-store pocketbooks (you guys know the kind) to Penguin Classics paperbacks. Almost always, the first song that plays is Daughtry’s “Waiting for Superman.” (Yep, you guessed it. That was a segue.)

Whoa, wait a minute. Here’s an idea: why not combine that with one of those go-to’s to defeat boredom? With these Superman Coloring Pages for Adults, you have just that! These come in different designs, different scenarios, and in a JPG format; and they’re all available for download!

Lego Superman Coloring Page


Printable Superman Coloring Page


Superman Coloring Pages for Adults


Superman Cartoon Coloring Page


Flying Superman Coloring Page


Superman Saves the Day!

Whether or not you’ve been following Superman and the DC universe in general, I’m pretty certain that you have heard of this man of steel. You may think now that he’s pretty useless in his current two-dimensional state, but that’s not exactly the case. Read on to find out why. (But if you’re more partial to the insect-bitten variety in Marvel, check out these Spiderman Coloring Pages instead.)

  • Helps to de-stress

This simple pastime is a lot like meditation in the sense that it helps you “de-concentrate.” Such a straightforward task puts you on a more mechanical phase, saving you from the incessant murmurings of your restless mind.

  • Activates both hemispheres of the brain

The act of choosing your medium (crayon, oil pastel, or marker of your chosen color) and coloring in a particular shape or form or pattern activates the logical or analytical part of your brain. That of mixing and matching colors and seamlessly blending them together activates the more creative or artistic side.

  • Gives you a one-way ticket to childhood

Holding a coloring book up close and getting busy with it already takes you back to lazy afternoons of your childhood—ones you didn’t really care for back in the day. Add in Superman to the mix, and you’re reminded even more of the simpler, happier times.

Fighting  Superman Coloring Page


Superman Running Coloring Page


Superman Coloring Page for Preschoolers


Superman Boy Coloring Page


Simple Superman Coloring Page


Superman in Every Form

Because Superman is still the same Superman no matter what size, shape, form, interpretation, depiction, you can bet that the varying ones in this collection of the best Superman coloring pages all point to one famous and cherished hero.

  • Heroic mashup

Who would’ve thought that the man of steel can still pull off the “claw machine” hands and the shiny plastic, somewhat boxy look? As you can see in “Lego Superman Coloring Page,” it kinda suits him.

  • Superman in action

Any of the depictions in “Flying Superman Coloring Page,” “Fighting  Superman Coloring Page,” “Superman Running Coloring Page,” and “Superman Coloring Page for Preschoolers” are certainly going to remind you just how powerful the guy is. They are for sure going to fill you with the same excitement you felt when you watched his action-packed crime-fighting scenes in any episode of the Superman: The Animated Series and/or Justice League.

  • Super funny

He may not be quite the Superman you imagine, but this guy in “Superman Boy Coloring Page” is a great reminder of sorts that you don’t have to be “special” to be like Superman.


So for when you fight the villain that boredom is, download these Superman coloring pages or these Disney Coloring Pages, whichever you prefer, and get creative!

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