PokemonGo has more active members than Facebook. And if you remember correctly, Pokemon was just a cartoon show made for children based on the old trend of cartoon images and icons. This should tell you how powerful a simple two-dimensional animated figure can be. In all the cases, these cartoons are created by designers just like you.You may also see Cat Vectors.

So in case you are hoping to create a cartoon graphic design or just a cartoon character for your new client, then do check out this compiled list of various cartoon vectors available on the web for you to download, to look at, to customize and to use for personal and commercial purposes.

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Animal Vector Cartoon Graphics

This one is a free download which can act as a starter pack for your cartoon enthusiast designers. Here are some of the animals that have been represented in a cartoon-like design – Birds Vectors, penguins, rabbits, lions and various other animals.

Cartoon Sea Animals Vector

This is another free vector design that contains some of the coolest looking sea animals. Here you shall find a shark, a whale, turtle, octopus and sea fish with a pointy nose. Check out the link mentioned below to see what we are talking about.

Hand Drawn Cartoon Mouths Vector

A cartoon doesn’t just mean a character. It is something about how the design looks like that makes it a cartoon. If you remember the famous tongue of The Rolling Stones, then know that this series of mouth cartoons are very close to that.

Funny Cartoon Vector Family

This is a cartoon illustration of a couple with two kids showcasing an entire family. This vector illustration can be downloaded and edited by you if you want to change certain aspects of it.

Vector Cartoon Wedding Couples

Just for seven dollars, you can download this minimalistic representation of cartoon couples wedding scenes. It is not just a conventional couple of male and female, but also guy-guy, woman-woman representation for the modern world.

Cartoon Sea Stars Vectors

ShutterStock is one of the most important websites for designers looking for inspiration. Here is a multi-colored, cheerful set of cute starfishes which you can download and use. These designs can be isolated with the use of Adobe Creative Suite.

Set Of Cartoon Vector Stones And Minerals

These are editable cartoon illustrations of stones and various minerals. The detailing in this design gives the minerals a photorealistic appeal and can be rendered in JPEG format for user’s understanding.

Cartoon Vector Owl Characters

Doodled owls are really a hit. Some people even get tattoos of them. But here is a digital representation of 12 such doodled owls that give the cartoon like look to it. The details include feathers and every other aspect of this animal.

Funny Cartoon Fruits Vector

Now you shall move on from animals to fruits. Here is an illustrated collection on ShutterStock of various animated fruits. These fruits have eyes, mouth, and hands and look quite happy to the eyes.

Vegetable And Spice Cartoon Vector

From fruits, we move on to veggies and other green and healthy stuff. Built along the same lines as the previous one, these vegetables can be used to invoke different emotions in the user who is looking at them.

Editable Cartoon Vector Avatars

Flat Cool Cartoon Vectors

Cartoon Pirate Vector Character

Fantasy Mice Vector Cartoons

Kids Boy Cartoon Vector

Hot Chili Peppers Cartoon Vectors

Cartoon Sea Animals Vector

Emoticon Vector Cartoon Expressions

Playful Cartoon Dogs Vector

Marine Animal Cartoon Vectors

Isolated Wild Gator Cartoons

The greatest benefit of using cartoon illustrations is that it lets your creativity run wild. A lot of things are not achievable in real life, and cartoons help us demonstrate that. Make sure you are always designing these geometrical shapes of cartoons in vector format and not in pixels, because you might face resizing issues and you would not want to lose the quality of your design. You can always resize the vector to render in JPEG and other image formats.

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