The prefix “octo” in octopus means “eight” in Greek, which is an obvious choice for a name since it has eight arms . Before you scroll down to our 9 Best Octopus Cliparts take the time to know this mysterious sea creature. There are a lot of known facts about this invertebrate but we have compiled below some information which we think you have not encountered yet:

  • The octopus is smart.
  • The octopus has one large heart and two small hearts.
  • They try to find a new home every day.
  • Sadly, the female octopus slowly dies after giving birth.

You can also see our Free Clipart Images.

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Free Octopus Clipart


Baby Octopus Clipart


Cartoon Octopus Clipart


Black and White Octopus Clipart


Check Out Our Selection of Cliparts

From an animated octopus clip art to a cartoon octopus clipart, we have them all and some can even be downloaded for free! Use them as embellishments on your pictures, documents and even on your visual aids for presentations.

  • Baby Octopus Clipart. Isn’t a baby octopus the most adorable thing to behold? Look at its wide-eyed gaze overloaded with cuteness. That flower on its head only makes it more endearing. Have her keep your documents company.
  • Black and White Octopus Clipart. If you are the type of person who finds bright colors on your documents a bit distracting, this black and white octopus clip art is for you.
  • Octopus Silhouette Clipart. Is this image a bit spooky? Use this image for the next Halloween greeting card you feel like design. Do you think it’s edgy? Add character to your documents with this clip art.
  • Printable Clipart Of Octopus. Known to be solitary dwellers of the sea, one can’t help but think that they might sometimes need company. Download this clip art for your next Powerpoint presentation.
  • Octopus Outline Art. Recommended for those who are minimalists at heart and only want an outline of an object instead of the more detailed ones. Sometimes a cuddly sea ghost is all we need to make our day all right.
  • Vintage Octopus Clipart. For those who prefer the style of the early 90’s, this clip art will certainly be to yur liking.

You can also check our Free Clip Art Borders listing. That is right, they are absolutely free for download.

Printable Clipart of Octopus


Octopus Outline Clipart


Octopus Silhouette Clipart


How To Use These Cliparts?

You can incorporate them into:

  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Wall mounts
  • Powerpoint designs

Who Can Use These Octopus Cliparts?

  • Parents. Those expecting a child can use these images if they want their baby’s room to scream “cuteness”.
  • Designers. If you are having an episode of another artistic roadblock, then take your pick from these images. We highly recommend that vintage octopus design.
  • Educators.  School teachers can use these images as one of their resources in the discussion of marine life.
  • Nature conservationists. Those who champion marine life can have these images printed and handed them out as part of an awareness program.
  • Marine Park Owners. They can have these illustrations printed out and mounted in the halls of their establishment, e.g. a small gallery.

Why Choose These Cute Octopus Cliparts

  • They can easily be downloaded.
  • They are all available in PNG and JPG format.
  • They can be downloaded in a variety of sizes.

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