Even though the world is heading towards a digital explosion, everything is available to us at fingertips delivered to wherever we are. But still, the outdoor advertisement potential has not died out. And when we talk about the outdoor advertisement, it includes flyers, posters, brochures and various other designs. And one of these other designs is the huge billboards that you see on top of an apartment while cruising through the highway. Here are some of the design templates for those billboard designs that you are going to find really useful for your future projects.

Free Digital Billboard Design


This first one in the list resonates with what the opening line of the article says as well. Here is a design for a digital billboard for Forever21. You can use this design as a mockup reference for the digital billboard design for your client.

Free Blank Billboard Template


Here is a template for a blank billboard design that is actually clicked an image of a billboard that is blank. You can use it paste your design on top of it and represent it in a realistic manner.

Free Outdoor Billboard Template


Here is a collection of outdoor billboard templates where you can place your designs to present it to the clients. These billboards are available as vectors for you to work on different sizes for your design.

Free Advertising Billboard Design


Here is a free high-quality stock vector illustration for a simple billboard design that you could use as a reference or customize your own design. The vector can be worked with an illustrator to make the editing.

Free College Billboard Template


In the link provided below, you will come across the mockup for this great advertisement billboard for college. You can use a similar design for any education based institute’s advertisement and present to your clients.

Free Outdoor Advertising Billboard Design


Here is a design mockup for a billboard design that you can download as an editable PSD file that will be fully layered and professionally grouped for your ease to work with it.

Free Different Signs Billboard Design


You can use different design techniques like the use of neon colors to funk up your billboard design. A similar design can be used for representing signs that need to bring to attention at different places.

Free 3D Billboard Design


Add 3D appeal to your visual of billboard design using this collection of different billboard designs. Click on the link below to download this cool design pack for free for personal use.

Free PSD Billboard Template


Here is another billboard design template similar to the kinds you see on the side of the streets. You can always change the size and layout of the billboard using the downloadable PSD file for the original design.

Free City Billboard Template


Every city has a whole bunch of billboards standing around the main areas where it will grab the most pair of eyes. And here is a free city billboard template for you to easily achieve your design requirements for the client’s outdoor advertisement campaign.

Free Furniture Billboard Design


Here is a design for a billboard for a furniture company called Fraser Furniture. You can use this design as a reference for your client from not just furniture field, but any other as long as they are sourcing you for it.

Free Bus Stop Billboard Template


Bus stops have peculiar billboards around the seating and on the backrest of the inner wall as well. Click on the link below to download yourself a free bus stop billboard template that you could use for your projects.

Free White Billboard Design


A white and plain billboard design are usually what most of the experienced designers go for as they can quickly work on the most basic looking billboard to achieve the most professional looking design.

Free Metal Billboard


You are also seeing a lot of metal billboards as well. And it can have their finish. Here is a design that you can use for your metal billboard project. Download it for free from the given link.

Free Vertical Billboard Design


Most billboards you see are horizontal, except for some bus stop billboards that are vertical. And in case you are also working on the billboards for the bus stop of payphones and trees on the public places, here is a design for you.

Free Education Billboard Template


Here is another billboard template that you can use for your client from the education field. You can also use professional looking people in case it is for a corporate client who wants to advertise for its services or products.

Free Outdoor Billboard Design Template


Just to show you that there are multiple other designs as well for a single billboard that you can think of, here is another simple design template for a model of an outdoor billboard that you can use for ads and promotional designs.

Free Shop Billboard Template


Just like services and products need to be promoted, the person providing these need to be as well. So here is billboard template that you could use to promote a shop or any related client.

Free Vector Billboard Template


Free Poster Billboard Template


Once you have scrolled through each of the items and decided upon the one you want to work with, just go to the respective download link for that design template. And there you can easily find if it is a mockup to be used as a reference or you could download and customize the design for your own requirements. The billboard PSD designs will need Adobe Photoshop for you to be able to work with them.

Similarly, ai files will need an illustrator and so on. Make sure you have read the license agreement as well for the designs to be produced commercially. These billboard design templates are mostly available as vectors that make easier to work with them with regard to stretching to different sizes without losing the design quality. And in the end, the rendered image can be produced through raster jpeg for your client to see. Do give deserved credits to the original designer as well if you can.

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