Some people get tattoos for the sake of art, memorial, or a way to express their passion, and personality. Only few would say they just get them because they look pretty.  If you are thinking of getting your first ink or add more, then look no further. Our list of 9 cool tattoos will help you decide on what to get, and if you want more feel free to check our Butterfly Tattoos Designs listings, afterwards.

After viewing them all, don’t forget to download, print, and bring that design to your tattoo artist. All the items come in JPG, PSD, and Ai Illustrator for easy saving, enhancing, and altering.

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Cool Fox Tattoo


Simple Cool Tattoo on Elbow


Cool Sleeve Tattoo


Cool Tattoo for Men


Cool Tattoo for Girls



Screwed, blued, and tattooed

The decision making phase of getting a skin art maybe easy to audacious people, but to those who want to make it last longer than just a byproduct of an impulsive decision, getting something permanently marked would definitely take an ample time of weighing the pros and cons, and of course, coming up with the design that will suit you.

  • Sporting a cute baby animal art, such as the “Cool Fox Tattoo” will never go wrong to the eyes of many–in fact, you might just make them smile.
  • Show off that beautiful art by displaying it on an area that can be easily seen, like this one of the “Simple Cool Tattoo on Elbow”.
  • If you want a good conversation starter flaunting a sleeve tattoo, such as the “Cool Sleeve Tattoo” is definitely the way to go.
  • Men often opt for a more masculine emblem to represent their personality or marker of a memorable experience, or passion, like what you’ve seen on “Cool Tattoos For Men”.
  • Display that feminine touch! Take the “Cool Tattoo for Girls” as an inspiration to go for a girly splotch.

So, were we able to direct you to what you really want to have on your first or additional ink ? We hope so! Because this  Tattoo Illustration Designs listing’s sole purpose is to guide you on that conundrum phase. Keep scrolling, and learn more.

Cool Rose Tattoo Design

Cool Tattoo Design for Free


Cool Tribal Tattoo


Cool Owl Tattoo


Mark My Words

Here are some reasons why getting a tattoo is cool and totally okay.

  • Self-expression

If self expression is your reason behind getting a tattoo. Then show it off with pride! Don’t mind what other people think.If they have no background nor understand art, then don’t mind them. You need not to explain yourself every time you make a decision for yourself.

  • Tribute to a Loved One

Getting a tattoo as a tribute to a loved one will keep you reminded and keep close to a dearly departed .

  • Mark of Accomplishments

When you get your dreams or goals, that’s an accomplishment, and you can always visually remind yourself with a marker. It will remind you how resilient you are to have gone through tough challenges.

Get Inked!

Have you decided which from our list of Tattoo Designs you’d like to add or get, as your very first one? Don’t hesitate to hit download on your pick! The items are downloadable in JPG, PSD, and Ai Illustrator.

Here are some steps on how you can go about the process:

  • Download your chosen design,
  • Print it with any paper you prefer,
  • Alter or enhance it however you like,
  • Show it to to your artist,
  • and get that skin art that you’ve always wanted!

That simple and easy! So, download now and follow these simple steps.

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