Recruitment flyers are often used to inform the public of any open position that a company or institution has. They generally act to grab the attention or interest of any person regarding any open position or requirement there is..

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Basically, recruitment flyers contain the following:

  • The name of the company or institution looking for employees is shown or stated clearly. This acts as another marketing strategy to endorse the brand or name of the institution.
  • Logically, the vacant position or requirement is stated to narrow down the potentials. Normally, this piece of information is stated first as this says what position is open.
  • Qualifying criteria is important  in the selection of new hires since you have to match the skill set of individuals to the demands of the job. It is important that the person chosen should be able to fit in the role and have the capacity to successfully operate without much difficulty.
  • One of the major things that any applicant looks for in any job are the benefits that come with the job. This helps provide the employee the extra incentive for doing the job well. Benefits usually act as eye candy and draw in many aspiring candidates for the vacancy. Benefits provide motivation and the driving force in making quality candidates apply for the requirement.
  • Having the company contact information and the persons in charge for the hiring contained in the flyer is crucial for the whole application process. It is only logical to have a way of easily contacting your company in relation to the requirement. This also provides the applicants to do a background research on the company they intend to join.
  • Additionally, instructions on how to apply for the position is written in order for any applicant to be able to comply in advance for any other requirements needed for the application.
  • Last but not the least, a deadline for submission of applications is shown to add urgency to the post. This also makes applicants aware when the application for the requirement ends.

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Smart Training & Recruitment Flyer

For any recruitment flyer, there are a few things that make the flyer effective and engaging. Here are a few tips in making the recruitment flyer do what it is supposed to do:

  • Think of your audience. The message of your flyer must be custom made for your target employees. The requirements do not have to be too complicated but instead just need to be simple and precise. This would both save you on time and money wasted on profiling a lot of candidates or applicants.

Make good use of an eye catching and attention grabbing headline. Be creative but always make it a point to be as blunt as possible in describing what your requirement is for the headline.

  • Use bullet points for the requirements in order to condense data or information. This makes it easier for readers to digest all information contained in the requirements section of your flyer.
  • Make sure to choose an image or images that attract readers to be more responsive or pique their interest. Use high quality images to avoid pixelation or blurring when scaled down to any size or format. Be sure to use images that are not copyright protected and is good for you to use or as allowed by law. The images have to be further connected to what it is you are looking for or relate to the requirement.
  • Keep your content as neat as possible and should be pleasant and not distracting to look at. Make good use of spaces and dividers to separate each information to avoid confusion.
  • Never forget to put in a call to action element to your flyer. This integrates your company information and contact person. By having a simple call to action line, you are directing applicants on simply what to do next. Sometimes all applicants need is a simple nudge in the correct direction in order to take action.
  • Sometimes it does not hurt to have multiple designs for your flyer depending on your target applicants. This way, you can cater to different applicants by simply changing photos or headlines that would attract your target.

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Recruitment flyers in this age are not only limited to physical distribution and are being used extensively on websites and social media applications. This allows for a further reach of audience and saves the company on costs of printing and distribution.

Having said all this, the ball is now in your hands to try and make effective flyers that would attract quality candidates with skill and mindset qualifications for the position.

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