Gyms are designed for those people who have one common goal, and that is to be physically fit. And being physically fit means you discipline yourself to have a healthy living lifestyle. It also means that you are ready for any type of work or activity, and that you can manage or control the different stresses and anxieties from different kinds of circumstances that comes to hand.

In the gym, you can do various of activities that will surely test your strength, agility and flexibility. Not only those, you also tend to develop your mind capacity and improve your way of thinking. With these exercises or activities, you will see some muscle formations from certain parts of your body, depending on what type of exercises you do. These muscles form in exchange of some burning of fats.

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Going further on this article, you will be able to see various kinds of gym flyers and how these are creatively designed. You could refer to these flyer templates or you could download and purchase them if you want it to be created in an easier way. All you have to do is to click on the button below each of the gym flyers provided for you, download/purchase the PSD file, and customize it into your own design. Make the necessary changes such as the color, the information, and the images in the template. You could also refer to the Downloadable Free Fitness Gym Flyer for more idea on how to design yours.

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Tips When You Go to The Gym

Here are few tips when you go to the gym:

  • When you want to workout, make sure that you fuel your body up with proper food (preferably carbs since they are low in fats).
  • You have to wear proper clothes, preferably the stretchable or flexible ones that would definitely not hinder you from performing different movements that you need when doing various of exercises.
  • Make sure that you know how the gym equipments work and how to use them. If not, do not be afraid to ask the front desk.
  • Think of the consequences that you will be facing after you workout to burn some fats. This includes the food that you should and should not be eating. And also take note of the risks from injuries from the different exercises or activities.
  • Make sure that when you workout, you also practice eating healthy. Remember that you need to have a proper balanced diet in order for your workout exercises to take effect, positively.
  • Be positive that you will get your goal of shaping your body. Your self esteem also increases when you workout since you tend to sharpen your mind by doing the exercises.
  • Do not be too hard on yourself. Only do the exercises that you can. You do not need to force your body to perform all beyond your capacity, this might cause you some damages in your body (such as heart, mind and body). It is better to keep track of your heart rate when you do a workout.
  • Warm up first by stretching before doing any kind of exercises, and cool down after working out in order to avoid muscle cramping.
  • Do not be too conscious of what will other people think about your body. Just do what you do, and accept that there are some people who will judge you.
  • It is good that when you sweat, you also drink plenty of water. Do not forget to bring a towel.

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Gym Services

Gyms or Fitness Centers offer services that suffice the needs and wants of the people in terms of health & wellness. Here are the following services that are often offered at the gym:

Trainings or Sessions. There could be different kinds of trainings to be conducted in a specific date/time. Since a day will not be enough to take in all the learnings from the trainings and for the changes to take effect, different trainings or sessions are scheduled. These trainings depend on the scope, objectives, and goals for conducting it. Of course these trainings would only cater a specific number of people in order to make sure that everyone is trained enough by the assigned trainer/s. These trainings are also varied according to the level or age limit/restrictions. The course level or the classification of the classes are either beginner, intermediate, or advanced. If you happened to have some plans on conducting your own training for other people, you could refer to Tutoring & Training Flyer Template.

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Fitness & Gym Flyer

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Here are the different kinds of trainings that are usually conducted:

  • Yoga Classes. These classes are taken for mind soothing and relaxation to relieve stress, in order to be emotionally and spirituality fit. These are also done to improve one’s awareness or consciousness.
  • Pilates. This is composed of different exercises such for improvement and development of physical strength, posture, flexibility, and for enhancement of mental awareness.
  • Cardio Exercises. These are exercises which are good for the heart, and which improves or normalizes the beating or pumping rate of the heart. These kind of exercises are also good for burning fats.
  • Body weight Programs. These body weight programs are for primal improvements which include push ups, plank variations, jumping, sprinting, climbing, and all that test the strength capacity of the person.
  • Body Combat. This exercise is a combat between two trainees. This is done for calorie burning, just by working out or toning with the whole body. This is also to improve the individual’s speed and agility.
  • Cross Fit. This is conducted mainly for unleashing the individual’s core strength and conditioning the body with this high intense training program.
  • Calisthenics Exercises. These exercises are also conducted for people to achieve body fitness and grace of movements. Examples of such exercises are grasping, running, pushing, and other exercises similar to body weight programs, done without the use of any gym equipments. This is also similar to plates exercises.
  • Specialty Courses. For better results in making sure that all learnings are applied, an example of this kind of course is availing for a one on one coaching with a professional trainer.
  • Group Workout. To improve body physical fitness and at the same time, to develop teamwork and communications in achieving the same goal. This group workout is conducted for people to share their experiences as they make changes within themselves.

Cross Fit Gym Fitness Flyer

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Gym or Fitness Club Offers

A gym or a fitness club is a business which offers customer service to people who are willing to be disciplined in terns of their physical fitness and health wellness. Customer service is provided by conducting different kinds of services in order for the satisfaction of every people, for the business to be known to the public, and to have various recommendations from random people.

Any kind of business would usually offer discounts, promos, free trial for new members or trainees, provide some freebies, a membership card for VIPs, and other special offers. These offers are well planned by the management for the benefits of both the clients and the company. Of course, people would want to go for affordable services with high quality. And in order for the company to catch the attention of these people, flyers are distributed since these are used to create awareness to people as many as possible.

Gyms also offer some service packages in order for the people to have different options of what they would want to avail. These packages include some free usage of various equipments, utilities, and/or facilities in the gym. The packages are usually a combination of different kinds of services for training at a reasonable price. An example of a promo is a free trial upon registration.

Some gyms or fitness clubs/centers also offer a free seminar or meeting held once a month regarding the nutrition and health facts. This is in order for the people to be guided and to be aware about the important details that everybody should know of. This is also for everybody to be aware that it is useless if they are working out without having a balanced diet and/or without the proper supplication of nutrients and minerals from healthy foods.

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Purpose of Gym Flyers

Gym flyers serve as advertisements of whatever the gym or fitness club company offers. It could be for gym products or equipments that are for sale, for business promotions, a healthy lifestyle promotion for everybody, an announcement of an event, or simply an advertisement of the company’s new services. Refer to Promotional Product Flyer Template to have various ideas on how to promote products.

With the use of flyers, the services of what the gym or fitness center offers will be announced to the public, and these will convince the people to live with a healthy lifestyle and not take their health for granted. Technically, flyers are often used to create awareness of what are forthcoming or about to happen.

The distribution of these flyers take place in any place, and just about anywhere the management wishes to spread the announcement/s. That is why the use of flyers is the most effective way in promoting various kinds of business’ products, services, and fitness advertising. Another reason is that it does not cost that much at all, unlike having advertisements online, in televisions, and in newspapers to be published. Distribution of flyers is the fastest way to get what people want to know in both of their hands, it is also easier to get connected or interact with the target market or potential people/customers.

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Inclusions of Gym Flyers

When you are making a gym flyer, you have to know what people need and what they really want. And if you already have figured it all out, then you can include it in the flyer by incorporating it into few words. These few words then serve as your catchphrase that will surely make people want to go to your gym. Who knows, this will let them want to come back for more to avail your offered services.

Here are the essential parts that are often included in the gym flyer:

The Gym or The Business Logo. This is use to symbolize the company or the organization and its products and services that they offer to the public. Gyms should have a unique and creative gym logo design that would make it easier to be recognized by potential customers or clients.

The Company. A brief description of the company background would be necessary in order to gain trust from the people.

The Gym Operation Hours. This is to allow people to set their schedules of when they would like to tame and tone their body muscles and shapes. This is also to let them know when is the best time to visit the gym and what are the days the gym is open or available.

Slogan or Catchphrase. This usually makes an impact to the behavior of each individual, and make them motivated to try out the services that are offered in the gym. This slogan has to be unique and should be compelling enough for the people to visit the place without any hesitation. This is often about what makes the gym or the services remarkable or extraordinary.

Here are various examples that you could use as your slogan (basing on the examples of flyer templates provided for you on this article):

  • Boost Your Power. When we say power here, we are referring to physical strength and of course people would want to boost their strength.
  • Get Into Shape. This would definitely turn people’s head and would want to read it twice whenever they see this catchy phrase.
  • No Pain, No Gain, No Excuses. This catch phrase would definitely make a great impact to an individual’s behavior since it really is compelling. Of course, you will not be gaining anything unless you are willing to take some risks.
  • Muscle Shaping. This would probably make people go to the gym for shaping their body muscles.
  • A Healthy Body / Healthy Mind. This is based on a fact since when you do various of body exercises, your mind also operates accordingly. It functions properly just the way it should be. You tend to think fast and develop your brain. At the same time, you also get physically fit.
  • Join The Best Gym. This is to convince the people to go to the gym because they have the best facilities, equipments, services, trainers, etc.
  • Keep Your Body Strong & Fit. This is persuade people to have a healthy living lifestyle by joining the best gym in keeping their bodies strong and fit.

Featured Images/Cover. This is also used as an information for people to have an overview of what the gym looks like and convince them to go visit the place. With just the look of these images, people will be able to come up with their first impressions of what they think about the gym in terms of the cleanliness of the ambiance, and the physical quality of the equipments as shown in the images.

Services. The list of services will help the people to be aware of what are the offered services that they could avail during operation hours in the gym.

Special Offers. Special offers include discounts, free trial, the professional trainers, events, etc. This also serves as an eye catcher that surely catches the attention of the people.

Amenities. These are the facilities, utilities or equipments that the gym has provided for the people to use for their convenience and for what the service packages entail. Of course, people would always want to come back if they are satisfied with the quality of each amenities found in the gym.

Trainers/Team. This is for the people to have information regarding the trainers and/or the team. Though this is not necessary to be included in the flyer, this can also be used to advertise the company with it’s successful and professional trainers’ brief background.

Contact Information. The contact information includes the website/s, contact numbers (fax, landline or mobile phone numbers), current address, and email for inquiries and communication regarding any settlements or arrangements with the people, customers or clients. This is the fastest way to get in touch with the customers when they have inquiries or concerns regarding the services.

Not all flyers include all these essential parts when it is created. Though, these are often found when you look at different kinds of gym flyers. It actually depends on the marketing styles that the company has and depends on what they have to offer to the public. Since all gyms or fitness centers have different services which makes them unique. You could also refer to Fitness Brochures since they most likely contain the same inclusions.

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Various Reasons Why People Go to The Gym

Indeed, the main reason why people go to the gym is in order to be physically fit. But there are also people who go there for various reasons, and here are the following:

  • Going to the gym for workout would definitely help them to relieve stress from their work or from any matter that they encounter.
  • They would workout in order to attain their goal to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.
  • People would go to the gym to exercise and burn some fats since they feel like there is a really need to do so.
  • People regain their focus. Going to the gym for exercises helps in developing one’s mind with regards to concentration.
  • Some would love to be on the gym to spend their time to reflect on themselves.
  • People like boxers, definitely go to the gym every time they are getting ready for a fight.
  • There are those people who would want to have some improvements in their bodies since with this, their confidence boosts up.
  • Some would want to be disciplined especially when it comes to eating. And since when you workout, your metabolism improves, this then makes you want to eat more without taking any food supplements.
  • There are those who workout to build their body since they usually join various of body building competitions and the like.
  • Some people would just want to maintain or keep their bodies in shape, probably due to insecurities.
  • Some would want to release their anger or depressions by visiting the gym for few punches and some weight – lifting.

Knowing all these reasons why people go to the gym, you can provide and satisfy their needs, wants and necessities in their everyday lives. And since people go to the gym for various of reasons, it is important that you orient them with the gym policies and the risk that they might be facing. It is better that everything is discussed for the welfare of the parties: the clients or customers, the staffs, and the company. Because apparently, the company will be held responsible for anything that happens inside the gym. That is why it is better to have some rules and regulations, most especially to age restrictions.

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Gym Flyer Templates

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Tips in Designing a Gym Flyer

Here are the following tips that you have to take note of when you create a gym fitness flyer:

  • Designs of your flyer, such as the images, the catchphrase, and all other information should be catchy to the eyes and attention of the people.
  • In order for the flyers not to be discarded is that it should be presentable enough and formally made.
  • The details or information should be organized or layered accordingly.
  • The featured images should be in high quality.
  • Make use of the different Photoshop shapes or vectors to add up some designs in the flyer.
  • All information written or included in the flyer should be true and are based on the facts.
  • Have your information be written in few words yet precised. Surely, people would not want to read a long paragraph. Just get the facts that are essential for everybody to know, and the rest follows when they visit the gym. The rest information includes the policies of the gym or the company for everybody’s welfare.
  • The color scheme to be use for the flyer should be chosen wisely. This means the colors that will be used should compliment one another.

Sports Fitness Gym Flyer Template

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Boxing Gym Flyer Template

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Anyone can visit a gym or any fitness club/center anytime. And whether you are an athlete of whatever sports you play, a boxer, an employee, a student, or just an ordinary person, there are no limits for you to be physically fit. You can always be the change you want to be, and achieve the change you want for yourself. By doing so, you can also be set as an example for people to be kept motivated in doing the same. You could inspire others by achieving the changes you have done for yourself, and who knows, you will be the reason of someone else’s better change for their lives. You just have to believe and have some self discipline, and it is guaranteed that you can work your way to a healthy lifestyle.

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