Graduation is one of the most significant event for an individual student, for their parents, and for everyone who have supported them in their studies. All the sacrifices and hard works are paid off by attaining this great accomplishment. Indeed, being a student is not that easy and the years of attending schools or universities are quite a struggle, not just for a student but also for the parents in terms of financial support. Imagine all those sleepless study nights just to pass the examinations of different subjects and just to have good grades. Some would even have some inspirational study desktop wallpapers just to be kept motivated. Studying real hard is a must if you want to make your parents proud and if you want to achieve your desired award/s. It is true that nothing worth having is made easy to be reached, which means you have to strive hard or even harder in order to be successful in attaining your goals and achieving your dreams.


What are Flyers for?

Flyers are often used as one of the advertisement tools in order for a product, service or an event of whatever organization to be known by majority. Flyers vary on what it is pertained to, could be for fashion, spa & salons, for business events, parties, announcements, etc. The designs of different flyers also vary on the creativity or the theme of how it should be made. And these are said to be the most cost effective advertisement, unlike those on televisions and online via social medias since you do not have to pay a great amount for every advertisement.

Here in this article, we have provided various of flyer templates which are customizable and are editable. Feel free to browse each, download and/or purchase at a low cost. You can also refer to how these different graduation flyers are designed and make yours the same or even more creatively.

School’s Out Forever Flyer Template

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Referring to the flyer above, as you can see the background that is used is the school or the university of the graduate’s Alma mater. There are also graduation cap cliparts that looked like it was thrown up in the air, just like what graduates usually do after the ceremony. The flyer does not have a border since the designs have occupied the entire space in the flyer, which makes it not too spacious. As you can see, different font styles are also used for every layer of the flyer. The font color also compliments the background. Browse and purchase this flyer template at a reasonable price.

Graduation Party PSD Flyer

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This flyer is more on gold and silver shimmering colors. This is perfect for your luxurious party for all graduates. If you would look at the designs closely, you will also probably conclude that all designs found in this flyer have various of meanings. And since there is going to be a party, disco balls are on both sides, and there is a bottle that looked like it has popped when it was opened. There are also some sparkling lights and some fireworks. And of course, the graduation cap and the diploma on top of the books. Same as the previous flyer template, this one also has different font styles which compliments with the background designs. Looking at the flyer, you could see some portions where there are some gold glitter background.

Graduation Flyer Template

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A Graduation Ball could be announced with this graduation flyer since it is shown referring above, a disco ball with a graduation cap on top of it and diplomas around it. With not much of a design, this is made simple yet presentable enough to broadcast to people about the upcoming event. This flyer is made with a plain gradient dark background and a uniform font style and font color. You could refer to Gradient Photoshop Textures for more gradient designs.

Graduation Congratulatory Party Flyer

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This flyer for a congratulatory graduation party can be made either with white, or black background. Different font styles are used with different colors and sizes. A bottle vector which looked like it has popped out is used to add up with this simple yet nicely layered flyer. As you can see, open triangular is used as borders on the three sides of the flyer to add up some design and to occupy those available spaces. The colors of the borders also compliment the font color of some texts.

Graduation Bash Flyer

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Red and Gold or something in between looks good together, just like referring to this flyer above. This flyer is for another kind of luxurious party or event which graduates will surely enjoy. This flyer is made with slanting red stripes border and the background is made with dark brownish red upholstery seamless leather textures. There are also two speakers at the sides of the disco ball, leaves which have a lanceolate shape, a disco ball, balloons at the upper right corner, diplomas on both sides of the title, two different font styles with same font colors, fireworks, and of course, a graduation cap.

Graduation Announcement Flyer

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The colors used in this flyer could be in relation to the university colors or the theme of the event. This kind of flyer is distributed within the university since it is not indicated where the venue is, so it is assumed that everybody invited are aware of where the place is going to be held. This flyer is made simple with the faded graduation cap and lanceolate leaves with striped white background. Refer to Background Patterns to have more various ideas for backgrounds.

Graduate Party Flyer Template

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Referring to the flyer above, the background used is the university which is covered in snow. This flyer is perfect when the season is winter or if the theme of the party is cold as the winter season. You could refer to winter wallpapers to have various ideas for winter backgrounds.

Graduate Flyer Template

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The flyer above shows a medal vector or graphic and a diploma which are coated with gold. The flyer also uses a cardboard paper texture as background and different font styles for the wordings. This could be used to broadcast the bachelor’s party with graduates who attained academic excellence in their perspective courses.

Elegant Graduation Party Flyer

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This flyer shown above is quite astonishing with its elegant designs, especially those reflected light in the gold wordings, borders, and other gold designs. Disco balls at the sides of the graduation cap also shows a light reflection which made it shone. Wordings are made with different font styles or typography vectors which are visible enough to read.

Paper Style Graduate Flyer Template

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This flyer is made with a paper texture design with graduation cap, diploma and a pair of eye glasses. A pair of eye glasses right there, included as a design, somehow symbolizes intelligence or brilliance. This flyer is used to announce a graduate’s celebration party. As you can see in the flyer, a name of the graduate can also be included in the flyer if the event is mainly for him or her.

Graduation Party Typographic Flyer

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This flyer has a typographic style in which the various font styles that are used are with style and are clear enough to be read. The flyer also has a diamond-like patterns for the background and an enchanting design used to surround the wordings or message in the flyer. This flyer is also used to announce an upcoming party for a graduate student. This could be used as a graduation invitation.

Graduation Party Flyer

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This graduation party flyer is made with different font styles for each wordings in every layer and the word “party” is made transparent with a font outline. Designs include a disco ball with some drink splashed behind it. On top is a graduation cap, at the sides are the speakers and diploma is located at the center below the disco ball. The background is a white cracked concrete texture ground.

Graduation Celebration Flyer

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Aside from the wordings and the graduation cap clipart, the flyer is not much designed with anything else but with the lines and line borders. Making use of lines is one way to occupy those vacant spaces in order for a flyer not to look empty or spacious. The flyer is layered with different font styles that are legible even if they vary on font sizes. This flyer also serves as an invitation in honor of the graduate student.

Graduate Announcement Flyer

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This flyer is used to announce that the student is already a graduate, thus, calling for a celebration to recognize such accomplishment. As you can see, the background is a plain color of grey or white with various drawings of different objects such as the utensils or apparatus often used in a laboratory. You too can put different awesome drawings of your choice that you prefer in making a graduation flyer.

Graduation Seamless Patterns Set

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Here are seamless icon patterns that you could use for background or designs in your graduation flyer. You have to choose the right colors of your wordings and other design that would compliment with this pattern. If you can’t seem to find the right colors that would go with this seamless pattern, you could at least use this for the envelope of your graduation card or better yet, use this as borders for your flyer.

Vector on Seamless Graduation Backgrounds

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This is one example of using seamless patterns as background. As you can see, white font color is used for a seamless blue pattern background. You can adjust the opacity of the background to make the wordings stand out and clear enough to be read.

Inclusions of a Graduation Flyer

These are the following essential parts of information that are often found or included in a graduation flyer. Though, it depends on how you want your flyer to be designed, this article contains design ideas to help you create yours.

The Title. When a flyer is handed out to the people, the first thing that they look onto is the title. Because with just a glare at the title, everything is explained. People would want to know what the flyer is all about.

The University Name. People also would want to know who or what university is behind this event or announcement.

A Brief Description. This is not necessary though, people would want to know a brief description to have an idea on what will take place.

The Setting of The Event. The setting of the event includes that exact details of when (the date and the start/end time), and where the event will be held (exact venue or place).

Additional Information. The additional information could be the following:

  • The perks or inclusions of what the event will have or will be. Perks that make the event even more interesting includes the free drinks, and/or free parking.
  • The popular performers, singers, entertainers, or guests who will be performing and/or speaking as guests and hosts.
  • The additional fees that are required to be paid such as entrance fees, admission fees, etc.

The Graduate’s Image or Name. Looking back to those flyer templates provided, you could insert the graduate’s image or name if the event will be held for or about him or her.

The Contact Information. This is for some inquiries or clarifications regarding the event. People could visit the site provided as indicated in flyer, they could send emails, and/or they could just directly call the contact number given.


Here are some tips:

  • Make sure to make your flyer an interesting one. One that could really capture the eyes of the people which will make it hard for them to just discard and throw it away.
  • Since a graduation day is a ceremony held once in a lifetime, the flyer should be designed or created as best as how the celebration will be.
  • The flyer should persuade or convince the people to attend the event without any hesitation.
  • It is important that flyers are made with exact information, such as the title of the event, the date/time, the place, the perks or inclusions, and the guesting of various performers. I am pretty much sure that you would not want to disappoint people, especially those with high expectations.

Since the graduation day (also termed as invocation, convocation, and commencement exercises) only happens once in a lifetime of a student, a celebration party is necessary to be followed after the ceremony. This is to celebrate that all graduates have made it until the end or the finish line as a student. And it is indeed a great honor to have accomplished and passed through all the obstacles or hindrances that were faced through out those educational years. But bear in mind that the learning process does not end right there and then at the graduation day, in fact, it is just the first step towards a new beginning or a new chapter of the life of a graduate.

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