In ancient days, everything that was documented or written was done with the use of ink and brush and was handwritten. With the advancements in the recent decades, we can create content digitally and not just that. We can even replicate those handwritten styles on a computer to incorporate in our digital designs.You may also see Unique Fonts.

In this article, you will find such fonts that were mostly hand drawn using ink and various different kinds of brushes and then scanned to create a regular script which you can download and use. Check out this amazing cursive or regular calligraphy styles.You may also check Sketchy Fonts.

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Inked Brush Script Font

This typeface by Impallari Type will give you the look of an inked brush. To keep it to the theme of hand drawn, the each character has been unrefined to keep it more natural. The font has been optimized to keep it as a readable web font even in 16 pixels.You may also see Broken Fonts.

Download Brush Script Font

This font contains characters of both upper and lower case along with a bunch of other characters and numerals. The look is that of a scribbled thin brush where each character has at least two sets of lines to create the outline.

Brush Script AlGhifari Font

This calligraphic typeface has been inspired from the lettering using brushpen strokes. This typeface is quite refined with its sharp edges and looks a bit upright. This brilliant typeface is available for free for personal use.

Calligraphy Brush Script Font

This is actually a bundle of 4 fantastic typefaces. This brilliant pack can be used for multiple different projects, ranging from branding to brochure to poster to logo and web design. If you don’t mind spending a little then this set of brush script font will be a good investment.

Hand Drawn Brush Script Font

This is a typeface by DrawBabyDraw and is called “Sea Font”. The name suits aptly to the dancing baseline this hand drawn brush script has. Because of its roughness along with elegance, this typeface is capable of suiting any theme.

Golden Brush Calligraphic Font

This is a unique golden brush calligraphic font. As the name suggests, the font color is set in gold with appropriate reflections and highlights taken into consideration. This brush font can be used to give a metallic appearance to your content.

Melony Script Brush Font

This is another hand drawn brush font that will suit any romantic themed project. Not just that use; this beautiful and modern typeface to bring out any emotion in the viewer. In the link, you will find how brilliantly the font can be used for posters, logos, and pillow covers.

Syabab Brush Script Typeface Font

This is a rough script with uneven flow showing that it was made with a worn out brush to give this magnificent look. The font looks quite natural and is suitable for a wide range of ideas and themes.

Vintage Brushpen Dirty Font

This is a brushpen font that has been created to give the grainy look on a vintage looking poster. Use this font if you are going for the retro look in your design.

Elrotex Brush Typeface Font

“Brush Up” is a proper brush stroke typeface where the roughness can be seen on the glyphs. The bristles are visible at the end of each stroke and make this font quite playful.

Wowangle Brush Script Vintage Font

Sparkle Brush Script Font

Adeline Typeface Brush Script Font

Cursive Brush Script Font

Alisandra Demo Script Brush Font

Joella Brush Script Font

Alphabetical Rough Brush Script

Handmade Brush Paint Font

Brush Regular Bold Font

Fashionable Zar Brush Font

Use of brush script fonts has gained a lot of popularity as they look good on any design. If you keep the corporate world out, these hand-drawn scripts will definitely give an upper hand to your designs. You can use these typefaces on t-shirts, logos, websites, posters and they are going to perfectly fit into the design.

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