The content of your design can include a lot of things. It can be a picture, it can be a logo or some other artwork, and it can also be some text content. And in most of the designs that your client might require will contain text in some form. So it is really important to have that perfect typeface Novelty Fonts that completely fits and conveys the idea and theme of the design to the viewer.

There are a lot of fonts that are available online for everyone to use. These have been created by other designers, and you can download them for free or for a minimal amount. Here is our collection of different Artistic Fonts that fall under the category of “unique”. There are a few which are really unique, while there are a few others that even include the word “unique” in its name.

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Unique Glossy Balloon Font

Each characters of this typeface are a piece of balloon art in the shade of pink. Not just that, the texture along with the lights and shadows also are to the point giving it a cartoon like look. Available for 7 dollars, the TTF file can be downloaded at the mentioned URL.

Vintage Script Style Custom Font

This hand drawn novelty font has quite interesting characteristics. Because of the 8 different styles the font comes in, it gives designers a lot of chance to create brilliant artworks. Check out the nostalgia style for some spray paint looks.

Elegant Passion Unique Font

This casual font has a very careful and balanced look. The characters are very delicately drawn giving them a stencil like structure. And if that didn’t work for you, the name of the font is unique font itself.

Gothic Unique Ancient Font

Suitable for main headline or logo text, this is sans serif typeface that has quite a unique and unusual wooden look to it. It has been created by Jordan Davies, and according to him the style is of the 19th century.

Download Handmade Unique Font

You can think about a font that might be used for a design around the floral theme. But have you ever seen a font which has flowers in the characters itself. And that too not just a single flower, but bouquets of flowers? Well, click on this link and you would have.

Unique Medium Regular Font

The uniqueness of this font is actually the idea behind the origin of this weird yet cool looking font. The idea is to blur the boundary between the different cases, and thus the characters of this typeface use both upper and lower case assembled into one for each of them.

Distressed Unique Alphabetical Font

Remember the ancient times when some documents had content printed through a rubber stamp. Well, this typeface by KC Fonts is an all uppercase font that gives you the rubber stamp look to your text content.

Artistic Typography Unique Font

Compatible for both PC and Mac, the download files include the TTF and OTF files. The main feature of this typeface is the curl decoration you see around each of the characters. And it must be obvious that it is also handwritten.

Romantic Flourish Unique Font

There are 249 glyphs available for this typeface that goes by the name of The Alistaren. Designed by Leonard Posavec, there is currently a 50% discount available on this amazing font. Take a look at the link below and also check out the tutorial video to get a better look and understanding of this typeface.

Unique Graffiti Cartoon Font

Made by Typographic Design, this font has a name that suits the look quite well. “Tag Hand Graffiti Trash Font Family” very well looks like a graffiti, and also borderline trash. Well, that is the purpose of it. And it is not to be taken in the negative way, rather as the essence being true to the theme.

Unique 46 Alphabetical Font

Unique Display Stacked Font

Extra Narrow Unique Dotted Font

Grungy Star Typeface Unique Font

Geometric Circular Display Font

Fonts can make or break a design. So it is really important to try out different typefaces before picking the final one. But in some cases, the bizarreness is to be embraced and showcased in the design as well. And in those cases, always remember there are certain unique fonts out there for you to be looked at and used. And that uniqueness can come from anywhere. Even from a freaky balloon art like font.

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