The question has been popped and answered, and now you two are counting down ’til the day you get to exchange I dos. It took quite a lot of both good and bad days before you two finally agreed on “‘Til death do us part,” but you still made it nonetheless. Now you’ve found yourself scanning the Web for wedding invitation design ideas. You might not even have a date yet, but time is of the essence, yes?

Nonetheless, we have curated a collection of 10+ beautiful wedding greetings just for you. These Free Greetings are available in Photoshop PSD, Vector EPS, JPG, etc., formats—perfect for multiple rounds of resizing and editing. so go ahead and click on the links to check them out!

Wedding Anniversary Greeting

Wedding Anniversary Greeting

Wedding Invitation Greeting

Wedding Invitation Greetings

Personalized Wedding Greeting

Personalized Wedding Greetings

Wedding Greetings Three Ways

Evident in this collection, these wedding greetings (some of them more tailored as invites, others save-the-dates, and the rest congratulatory cards) actually come in a range of styles—not one design is similar to any other. You are sure to find something that’ll suit your tastes.

  • Unabashed with Color

Color, as always, is a fun element to experiment and play around with. You can go monochromatic with vibrant and muted shades like in “Happy Wedding Greeting” (choice hue is obviously orange). You can opt for analogous with blue and green like in “Wedding Wishes Greeting.” Or you can choose triadic with yellow, blue, and pink-purple like in “Printable Wedding Greetings.” You can mix and blend however you want. Your day, your rules.

  • Sticking to Silver, Black, and White

Sometimes, just a hint of boldness, such as the silver trimmings in “Handmade Greeting for Wedding” and the block letters in “Personalized Wedding Greeting,” do as incredible a job as incorporating all the detail work. This way, you can deliver the message you want—the wedding particulars—without distracting your invited guests from the pretty frills.

  • Borderline Brilliant

In some cases, all you need is a solid, elegant border to frame and round out everything. You may choose slim swirly lines like in “Free Wedding Greeting” or an old-school storybook feel like in “Typography Wedding Greeting.”

Wedding Wishes Greeting

Wedding Wishes Greetings

Happy Wedding Greeting

Happy Wedding Greeting

Printable Wedding Greetings

Printable Wedding Greetings

Takeaways from These Wedding Greetings

Since we’re done covering your different options for wedding greetings, I’m gonna enumerate the things you can tak away from this collection of wedding greetings.

  • Have as little text as possible.

Whether it’s a wedding invite, a save-the-date, or a congratulatory card, you should keep to the need-to-know particulars: what the event is, when and where it’s going to be held. Keep the text to a minimum. After all, you wouldn’t wanna waste money on ink for any unnecessary text, right?

  • Choose one or two design elements to highlight.

You have to be careful with your design choices. Take “Wedding Invitation Greeting” for example. The illustration is already central and elaborately drawn, so the creator made sure that  the font and text that went with it are ones that don’t clash with the art and don’t overpower the overall design.

  • Play around with the layout.

Front and center doesn’t have to be the go-to. You can mimic “Typography Wedding Greeting” and have the text lean a little more to the right.


Options seen and list of takeaways covered. All that’s left to be done is for you to click on the links to check each design up close and download!

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