Anniversaries are the most important and the most awaited celebration for every long-term couple. It is a celebration in honor of every couple’s well-spent journey throughout the year and surviving it together. It is crucial that you don’t forget the date. And while greeting verbally may already seem sweet, it won’t hurt to throw in some extra effort with our beautiful happy anniversary images.

The images on this list are downloadable in JPG format. You can download them, print them or attach them as a file to send through your messaging app or electronic mail first thing in the morning, of course. We also have other types of images in our Royalty Free Images listing. So, check that out if you want to as well.

Funny Happy Anniversary Image

Funny Happy Anniversary Images

Happy Wedding Anniversary Image

Happy Wedding Anniversary Images

Happy 1st Anniversary Image

Happy 1st Anniversary Images


Happy Anniversary Cake Image

Happy Anniversary Cake Images


Mark the Date

  • Marking the Occasion

Surprise your significant other first thing in the morning with the “Funny Happy Anniversary Image” or the “Happy Anniversary Wishes Image”, you’ll surely make his/her day with it.

  • Silver Wedding anniversary

Is it almost your silver anniversary? Are you planning on organizing a party and you’re looking for the perfect image to use for your poster or backdrop? Then the “Happy 25th Anniversary Image” is the definite answer to that.

  • Day of Remembrance

A wedding anniversary is the most awaited celebration for couples every year. It marks the date of their union and celebrating another year of wedded bliss. Never forget this special day and always prepare something to surprise your significant other with the “Happy Wedding Anniversary Image”.

  • Flourish of Trumpets

Anniversaries are definitely important. It signifies the journey of a committed couple and is also a form of thanksgiving of having each other despite the each other’s shortcomings. Instead of a simple message, add pizzazz to it by sending a festive image like the “Happy Anniversary Wishes Image”.

Happy Anniversary Wishes Image

Happy Anniversary Wishes Images


Happy Anniversary Card Image

Happy Anniversary Card Images

Happy Love Anniversary Image

Happy Love Anniversary Images


Happy Anniversary HD Image

Happy Anniversary HD Images


Happy Anniversary Celebration Image

Happy Anniversary Celebration Images


Suggested Uses

Here are a few ways for you to send your sweet and warm greeting to your significant other.

  • Printables

We are so lucky to have these easy-to-access sources on the internet from where we can take inspiration. And the best part about it is you can print it for personal or commercial use, like invitation cards, posters, and greeting cards. Anyone can practically use since it is ready-made. You don’t necessarily need graphic design know-how to be able to send your significant other a special anniversary greeting.

  • Electronic Mail

Even if you are in a long distance relationship you can still send a warm message to your significant other through email or a messaging app. The great thing about the files on this list is that they are available in the most common file formats. They can easily be downloaded and attached to your email or messaging app.


Another type of celebratory file images that we also offer is the Thank You Images listing. You can choose from any of the files, download and send your chosen file to anyone you want to extend your warm thanks to.

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