Are you looking for creative ways with which you can spend your time? Do you have a camera that’s just been sitting around uselessly just gathering dust in the corner? Do you feel the need to immortalize the people in your life, the places you’ve been to as well as those momentous events that only happen once in a lifetime?

Now’s your chance to do so. Take out that camera and start snapping those photos. If you don’t know where to start, scroll down through our list and take a look at the different shots that you can take. For more ideas, check out our Modern Art Photography list.

Beautiful Woman Photography


Cute Baby Photography


Pretty Flowers Photography

Cool Nature Photography


Beautiful Love Photography


Cute Animal Photography


Photography in All Shapes and Sizes

Take it from us, there are a lot of ways that you can bring out your creativity via photographs. Each genre has its own different set of rules, not to mention the different sets of equipment you’ll need to be able to bring out the best output possible.

  • Landscape Photography

This type of photography is more than just placing a tripod on any old plot of land and taking a shot of the view. Any view, no matter how breath-taking to the naked eye, may end up nothing but a picture of a bland  and lifeless scenery if not done correctly. Composition is key. Proper lighting, an complementary foreground as well as the right framing can get you places.

  • Portrait Photography

This type includes self-portraits, couple photography, baby photography and many more. This is potentially the easiest type there is. All you have to do is place your subject in the center, adjust the focus, and voila!–instant art. Of course, you can do more with it and add a couple of props to keep things interesting.

Wedding photography is more than just a collection of portraits of couples and wedding guests. You’ll also have to include the different paraphernalia: the invitations, the rings as well as the apparel.

The ethereal nature of rainbows make them a rare and elusive shot. For this, you need timing, timing and timing.

Winter Beautiful Photography


Elegant Travel Photography


Pretty Girl Photography


Beautiful Wedding Photography


Stunning Underwater Photography


Beautiful Sky Photography


More Than Just a Bunch of Old Photographs

This set of photographs can do more for you than just give you ideas of how to go about your own photography project.

  • Use Them as Decor

Place them on display in your home. Start your own gallery. Make your home just a tad bit homier by adding some tasteful decorations. Download your favorites, print them out, have them framed and hang them on any wall you think needs a little bit of sprucing up.

  • Send a Greeting

Tired of the usual brand of greeting cards you can just buy from the market. Turn these photographs into a greeting card and send them out to the ones you love. Customize them. Add your own pictures, insert your heartfelt message and print them out.

  • Put Them on Display (Digitally)

If you like any of the photos, all you have to do is download them and set them as a wallpaper on your desktop computer or even on your phone. You can even show off your taste in photography by using them as a cover photo on Facebook.
If you specifically want ideas on how to take pictures of children, take a look at our Kids Portrait Photography list.

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