Whether it is a party emergency or a school play, there is always a hurry in the last moment when the props are not perfect and the posters to be put up is not even designed yet. The teachers are expected to juggle both their school work and their creativity in making these posters. These cartoon illustrations are creative and colorful, and will definitely reduce the burden on your back. They are user-friendly and easy to use in websites or posters and are attractive to the kids. You may also see Summer Illustrations.

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Amazing School Kids Illustration

This kid’s illustration vector has a set of three children looking happy in their school uniforms. They look modern and classy, and can be used for various posters. You may also see Fruit Illustrations.

Kids Balloons Outdoor illustration

These kids illustration vector is cute and simple with the use of pastel colors. It is pleasant to look at. They can be easily edited and used for various competitions and picnic posters, by school children. You may also see Sun Illustrations.

Summer Kids Illustrations Vector

These set of four vectors are cute and simple. This hand-drawn style vector is available in EPS format and can be easily edited.

Kid’s Vector Illustration

This cute illustration of beach girls is pleasant to look at and is modern looking. This can be used as a vector for a beach party invitation or a pool party invitation.

Children Outdoor Cartoon Illustration

This Christmas themed cartoon illustration vector is friendly and cheerful looking. It can be used for Christmas cards, either online or otherwise. It is available in high resolution and in various sizes.

Toy Train Cartoon Kids Illustration

This vector illustration of a toy train is cartoon looking and attractive, with the use of bright colors and bold details. They are perfect for posters and various art projects.

Isolated Dancing Kids Illustration Design

These happy illustration set of children dressed as superheroes are friendly and cute, can be use for Halloween parties and themed parties.

Colorful Kid’s Illustration

This cute kids fashion illustration is modern and is perfect for beach parties or school pool parties.

Happy School Kid’s Illustrations

These colorful kids illustration with alphabet blocks are user-friendly and in available in high resolution. It is also available in various sizes.

Kid’s Clip Art Illustration in Halloween

This cute illustration is perfect for those Halloween parties and themed parties.

Vintage Kids Illustration

This kid’s illustration sports vector of children playing in the playground is available in high resolution and in various sizes.

School Concept Illustration with Kids

This friendly looking kid’s watercolor illustration is apt for back to school parties and notice board posters, at the start of the term.

Happy Jumping Kids Illustration

This jumping kid on a playground template is simple and cute to look at. It is available in high resolution and can be made into various sizes.

Kids Illustration Free Vector

These kids illustration on a meadow is a simple and yet modern drawing of children can be used for various causes and posters, to show their support. The use of different colors makes this poster attractive.

Kids Scout Activities Illustrations

These children vector of children doing many activities is detailed and realistic, making it attractive. They can be used for various projects.

Kids Food Party Illustration

Kids Illustration Graphic Art

Watercolor Kids Sketchy Illustration

Cheerful Children Clip Art Illustration

Kids Menu Card Illustration Design

With the responsibility of making a million posters for the children every year, you are bound to run out of ideas. These kids’ illustration poster templates are creative and fresh, attracting both the kids and their parents. They can be used for various props, either online or otherwise, as they are user-friendly.

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