Now it is obvious that art and design are not every individual’s forte, and even if it were, not every object or detail can be drawn from scratch owing to time constraints. What does a person do then? Simple, look out for ready-made vector designs and implement them in their projects. Trees are one of the most popular and oft-used vectors. In this compilation, we give you a lineup of illustrative tree vectors which are customizable and very useful. You may also see Summer Illustrations.

Environmental Vegetation Tree Illustration

This versatile illustrative tree vector has all the trimmings to be used in various ways. Be it logo design, poster design or brochure cover design. The vector is fully customizable. You may also see Fruit Illustrations.

Tree Vector Leaves Illustration

If you need to include a green tree vector that looks photorealistic and qualitative, here’s a sample for your perusal. It not only looks great, it is wired with editable aspects all over.

Tree Vector Illustration

This is a flowery tree vector illustration replete with flowers, leaves, and colorful butterfly details. Insert text and additional graphics of your choice and bring it up to par to your artistic ambitions.

Apple Tree Illustration

If you’re designing a comic strip design which needs an apple tree illustration as one of its elements, this particular sample is perfect for the job. This is an apple tree illustration on an isolated background.

Tree Cartoon Illustration

This is a wonderful new style tree vector which set on an isolated background. Feel free to download this vector, personalize it and use it like a unique design element in projects of web print and graphic design.

Isolated Christmas Tree Illustration

Are you looking for a photorealistic high quality all-green Christmas tree vector? Check out this illustration right here. It is just what you’re looking for.

Vector Tree Illustration

This is an illustration of a lush green old oak tree. The design is photorealistic and high resolution. Use it to show foliage as an artwork, icon, background design etc.

Black & White Tree Illustration

This is a simple black and white tree with leaves silhouette on an isolated background. Download and give it an identity and purpose of your choice in Adobe Photoshop.

Doodle Style Tree Illustration

Doodles are fun to design and fun to see. If you need a tree doodle which intricate and delicate, this design sample fits the bill perfectly! It is a hand-drawn illustration which is customizable in all respects.

Olive Tree Vector Illustration

Check out this olive tree illustrative vector which actually a hand-drawn watercolor painting. The vector looks rich and is customizable and resizable.

Birch Tree Illustration

Check out this winsome and attractive birch tree illustration. It is a PSD quality image and has high display resolution. You can use this in relevant web and print projects and designs.

Vector Illustration of Two Palm Trees

This is an image featuring two palm tree vectors. The vectors are easily downloadable, editable and can be used in a versatile manner. The vector can also be rescaled in size.

Elegant Tree Illustrative Vector Design

Showcase the onset of winter season by using this white tree with leaves silhouette. It is a high definition vector and can be personalized in every possible way!

Autumn Tree Stripes Vector Illustration

Download and use the tree vector to showcase the feelers of different seasons in your design or project. Tree silhouette vectors design placed on an abstract sun sky background.

Abstract Free Tree Illustration

Ecological Deciduous Trees Illustration

Lemon Bubble Tree Illustration

Creative Cool Tree Illustration

Watercolor Mystical Tree Illustration

We have tried our best to present a collection of illustrative tree vectors that is full of variety and diversity. All the vectors are extremely good in design and appeal. They can be downloaded and stored in your library of vectors and you can always use them when an appropriate project comes by!

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