So for this week’s assignment for graphic design or art direction, you have to create a business logo. Free interpretation, free creative reign. The catch is you have to somehow incorporate a panda. Somehow you find yourself stumped and uninspired with this one, and you don’t know how or where to begin.

Lucky for you, you have this collection of 10+ panda logo designs at your disposal! With these Free Logos, you can get that assignment done without too much effort or lost time. These panda logo designs are available for download with Transparent PNG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, Editable PSD files. Browse on to see for yourself!

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Funny Panda Logo

Panda Logo Illustration


Panda Logo Template

Gamer Panda Logo

The Deal with Panda Logos

Panda Logo Designs3D Logo, pretty much all business logos have a huge hand in putting companies and their brand out there: they give the brand an identity, one that will hopefully be imprinted in the minds of several potential patrons. Though, yes, the products and services you deliver and their quality should be prioritized, they wouldn’t be given much notice if you don’t market them right, if your target market doesn’t know you.

But with the variety of designs available in our collection of panda logo designs, you have enough inspiration to start with. The great thing about these panda logo vectors is that you can customize and resize them just the way you want without distorting the image quality!

  • Cleverly stylized

Taking elements from the business name and creating a witty mashup of it with the logo will always garner attention and approval. Check out “Gamer Panda Logo,” “Panda Animal Logo,” and “Panda Restaurant Logo.”

  • Cute cartoons

You can’t ever go wrong with something cute. I mean, did you not smile when you saw “Funny Panda Logo,” “Happy Panda Logo,” and “Sleeping Panda Logo”?

  • Simple shapes

Of course, the minimalist approach of using basic shapes and little detail is something you really can’t mess up. Take for example the prevalence of circles in “Creative Panda Logo.”

Panda Animal Logo


Red Panda Logo


Happy Panda Logo

Sleeping Panda Logo


Panda Logo Designs for All

At this point, though there’s not really a prevailing theme (other than the choice of featured subject) in this collection of panda Logo Designs, you probably already have some ideas on how you’ll use these panda vectors. But if you haven’t yet, here are some suggestions:

  • Submission platform, content company

Ever heard of submission platforms and content companies like Bored Panda and Buzzfeed? If you’re gearing toward a similar kind of business, perhaps you may take some inspiration from “Funny Panda Logo,” “Panda Logo Template,” and “Creative Panda Logo.”

  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu dojo

If you’re looking to open up a dojo, perhaps you might like “Panda Logo Illustration” for your seal. (You’ve seen Kung Fu Panda, right? Ha-ha!)

  • Messaging app

Apps are earning money off of downloads (of course). To get people to download your app, you’d need cool features and a solid logo. For the latter, you may make “Panda Animal Logo” as your reference.

  • Themed café

With pandas being as cute as they are, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a café with the “Panda Restaurant Logo” going up soon. Now how do you get past PETA though?

  • Sleeping capsules/pods

Yes, sleep capsule hotels are a thing! We suggest you go with “Sleeping Panda Logo.”


So that’s that. Now you can download!

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