What comes to mind when you read or hear the word fox? I suppose that a lot of you will go straight to Ylvis’s lyrics and practically hear the duo’s voices in your head going, What does the fox say? Gering ding ding ding ding di-ding… That or the image of a sly, lithe creature will pop up (also in your head).

If you have a particular fondness this elusive feline, you’re gonna want to check out this collection of 10+ creative fox logo designs. These Free Logo Designs come in Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats—perfect for whatever design projects you may have in store for them!

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Funny Fox Logo


Fox Business Logo

Fox Flat Logo

Fox Animal Logo


Fox Logo Designs 5 Ways

It is evident in this collection of leaf designs that we have prepared quite a variety of Fox Logo designs here for you. Feel free to scroll up and down, peruse and inspect as much as you please.

  • Cute and Cartoony – It’s always refreshing to see something in a lighter, more bright and sunshiny light. This is even truer especially if you’re used to seeing said something mauling another helpless creature or going at it on your winning spring garden. See the fox as silly rather than sly in “Funny Fox Logo.”
  • With Foxy Typeface – I take it “Fox Business Logo” is also a clever play on words, creating a verb with foxin (dropping the g, of course, and perhaps meaning “to become or act like a fox”). The emphasis on in must mean that whatever establishment this logo is meant for, you can be foxy inside of it…This is all assumption, yes. But hey, it works!
  • Marvelously Minimalist – Then there are those that are cool without trying, such as, “Silver Fox Logo,” “Fox Head Logo,” and “Fox Outline Logo.”
  • Geometric Graphics – An easy way to have an edgy logo design? Go for blunt edges and geometric shapes! Take it from “Fox Flat Logo” and “Fox Vector Logo.”
  • Magnetic Mashups – You can also do as “Fox Animal Logo,” “Fox Company Logo,” and “Fox Security Logo” by combining two different design elements to form a mutated logo of coolness!

Fox Head Logo

Fox Vector Logo


Fox Outline Logo

Fox Logo Design Takeaways

Aside from these fox logo designs themselves and even these Animal Logos, you can take with you the following pointers, which you may have observed as you pored over this collection:

  • Deviate from the Norm – You don’t have to stick to the usual, the normal shape and form of the thing you’re taking inspiration from, of the subject matter you’re working with. You don’t have to copy the exact figure of the real-life counterpart. Get crazy and experiment with it!
  • Color Is Your Best Friend – This doesn’t mean that you should plop all color known in the natural world onto your logo design! This means that you should pick choice colors that you feel will reflect your business in the best light and will catch enough curious eyes. Maximize the limited number of colors you have to work with.
  • Use Clever Wordplay and Design Elements – Take it from “Fox Vector Logo.” Since the company is named Everfox, a play on evergreen and fox, the artist opted to incorporate the color itself as well.

So yeah, check out the links, and download any or all of these fox logo designs! You won’t regret it. That I can promise you.

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