Are you self-confident and elegant? Are you an individual who thinks a lot about symbolism and are big cats, like tigers, your favorite symbol? Do you want to create a design that will incorporate a big cat but don’t have a clue on where to start? Do you want an easy to access visual images of these stunning animals? Have you been called in by a company to have such an animal be identified in their products as well as in their uniforms and vehicles? If you’ve said “Yes!”, take your pick from our choices here.

They are all downloadable in customizable formats. If you want more designs of these large cat species than you can also check our Tiger Logos listing.

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Tiger Brand Logo


Bengal Tiger Logo

Build Your Brand of Success

We know that the best logos are those that embody the spirit of an animal in them. Why settle for a yellow-bellied creature if you’re planning to use it as a brand logo, right? Find something that would easily connect to people. Choose a tiger!

  • Cunning

Did you know that when the sun shines its brightest, the black and orange stripe markings on the body of the tiger plays an important role as a protective coloring? That is why these big cats love to hunt as they hide themselves in the long grass. If you need any visual proof of this, check out the “Tiger Mascot Sports Logo.”

  • Agility

Most companies love to use fast animals in their brand campaign because of its appeal such as showcased in the “Tiger  Running Logo.” The modern world has shown no signs in slowing down in the tying-in of such creatures to symbolize their brand especially as the tiger is known for its speed and agility.

  • Power

Catchy, creative and powerful. Those three impressions are what most consumers want to see in logos. This makes them more clear-cut in the way that they are advertised just like this “Bengal Tiger Logo.”

If by chance your looking for visual images that won’t let you shell-out cash then you can also see our Free Logo Designs listings.

Tiger Logo Vector


Tiger King Logo

Gold Tiger Logo

Running Tiger Logo

Cute Tiger Logo

Our Terrific Tiger Logos Made for You

  • If you’re part of a school sports team, incorporate them in your uniforms and banners. Flaunt that school spirit. Fans will rally behind you because of “how you look and what you have made them feel.”
  • If you’re member of a club or an organization, you need to have a straightforward manner of advertising the group’s true endeavors to the public. By using a logo, you and your club mates can parade your distinct goals.
  • If you own a start-up company, you need to make your way from the ground up. A good first impression is always important to companies who are still working to stabilize themselves in the playing field.
  • If you’re in charge  of an  upcoming event, e.g. a marathon. You need to explain to the public what will be happening during the said event. You can use our logo to point out that event for them in the briefest manner possible.

So if you’ve already made a decision on what logo to start your brand campaign with, act now! If you still can’t get enough of logos that feature large four-footed creatures than you can also pounce your way into our Animal Logos listings.

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