The doodle world has shown us how a simple pattern can create some of the jaw dropping, eyes popping designs. If this work is being done digitally, then the workload goes down multifold, thanks to the modern day technology. But some people still prefer the hand drawn Linear Patterns, but they have their own drawbacks which we are not going to discuss here.

Here, you are going to find some of the coolest patterns and artworks we came across and present under the section of “Goth”. These designs just contain a simple design repeated over the entire canvas to give a feel of the contemporary subculture that first emerged in the early 80s during the post punk era. You can either download these patterns to integrate in your designs or use them as an inspiration and muse.

Download Seamless Gothic Pattern

Seamless gothic pattern

This cool looking pattern perfectly fits the color scheme of grayscale. Also, the points where the patterns meet seem to look as if you tiny baby hands are growing out the ends. Click on the link below to see the pattern on your screen. The file can be worked upon Adobe Illustrator for editing and customization after you have downloaded it.

Romantic And Gothic Patterns


Here is a collection 7 different nicely hand drawn patterns. The seamless designs of the artwork and illustrations can be used in print and web in a numerous number of ways. The collection of 10 different 3000 x 3000 px JPEGs can be downloaded for five dollars from the website.

Beautiful Cool Gothic Pattern

Beautiful Cool Gothic Pattern

Add a little texture and depth to your design by using this pattern by Tim Resudek. Though not as much as Goth as one might like, but then you never know what Goth might be for others. Check out the link for a really cool pattern.

Amazing Gothic Pattern

Download Gothic Pattern

Available as a stock image on DreamsTime, this pattern can be downloaded in multiple sizes for personal use. Beware. It is a sky full of bats holding hands in circles that has been represented in this abstract and symmetrical illustration.

Gothic Geometry Wallpaper Pattern

gothic geometry wallpaper patterns

Available in various color options, this print can be cool wallpaper for your walls, or even for your desktop’s screen saver. Classified under the section of organic gothic art, we will let you decide how organic it feels to you.

Elegant Gothic Pattern Vector

Elegant Gothic Pattern Vector

This elegant vector pattern in the shades of black and white has minute detailing to it which is really captivating for the eyes. And the repetition of the design just makes it more pleasing. Available on Free Vectors, this pattern is available only for non commercial purposes.

76 Gothic Patterns For Photoshop

76 Gothic PatternsFor Photoshop

Any designer would love to have this collection of 76 different png patterns available in 1500 x 1500 px size.  This seamless collection can be yours from the link below. Also check the comment section of the link to see a great way to use these patterns for a final design.

Abstract Watercolor Gothic Pattern

Abstract Watercolor Gothic Pattern

This is a real hand painted flowers on pastel lining design. Available on a seamless background, this is quite an excellent piece of work by the designer. And the modest price of three dollars is something you won’t regret paying to the creator of this artwork.

Medieval Gothic Letters Pattern

Medieval gothic letters pattern

This amazing design can easily find its way in the textile world. This pattern has used medieval calligraphy style with a pinch of Goth and gore to achieve its final look. Check it out here for some medieval inspiration.

Gothic Style Background Pattern

Gothic style background Pattern

Tired of a plain and simple background for your new poster or flyer? Well, you might want to take a look at this pattern. With a floral touch to it, this vector can be downloaded for free for your personal use.

Black Gothic Pattern Vector

Back Gothic pattern vector

Horizontal Gothic Handwriting Font

Horizontal Gothic Handwriting Font

Gothic Pattern With Floral Elements

Gothic Pattern With floral Elements

Gothic Xmas Snowflakes Pattern

Gothic Xmas Snowflakes

Gothic Meets Pop Art Pattern

Gothic Meets Pop Art Pattern

Wild Fire Gothic Pattern

Fire Gothic Pattern

The use of these patterns in your own designs will only make them better. But you must also have the knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator before you can start working with them. And also you need to make sure you don’t overdo by it by cramping the design with many different patterns. With this knowledge and the list provided above, you can get your dark shade on with some Ozzy Osbourne music.

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