Ghost wallpapers are always a hit among millions of people who use the internet nowadays. These wallpapers add a spooky and horror element to your wallpaper designs. You can use these wallpapers in a multiple number of ways. You can find these ghost wallpapers at numerous websites, which are very easy to download and use in your own way. These can be modified and retouched according to your preference and thus you can create your own ghost designs by taking some of these ideas. You may also see Terrific Scary Backgrounds

Lost Souls Ghost Wallpaper

Lost Souls Ghost WallpaperSource

This kind of wallpaper is a very dark and gruesome kind. It shows a dark forest with elements of ghost in it. With this wallpaper idea, you can make your design scary and make it appear like a real picture.

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Wallpaper

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance WallpaperSource

This one is also designed keeping in mind the ghostly features. It is inspired by the ghost rider theme. If you look at the wallpaper, you see the ghost rider and a fire like intense surrounding.

Soul Ghost Wallpaper

Soul Ghost WallpaperSource

This is a true depiction of scary ghost wallpaper. A blurry image of a ghost is created, to depict a ghost’s soul. You can download this wallpaper and use it accordingly to enhance the scary factor of your design.

Fairie & the Ghost Wallpaper

Fairie & the Ghost WallpaperSource

This particular wallpaper shows a fairy and a ghost in a graphical way. This kind of wallpaper has more of a gothic element. You can use this in your design and make it look remarkable.

Creepy Ghost Girl Wallpaper

Creepy Ghost Girl WallpaperSource

This is very creepy and scary wallpaper. It shows the ghost of a girl, with a doll in her arms. This is a true depiction of horror wallpaper, with intense use of real-like images.

Fire Ghost Wallpaper

Fire Ghost WallpaperSource

This kind of wallpaper is made for pure entertainment. It shows a ghost that is created with fire. This wallpaper has a fun element that can make your design appealing.

Ghost Girl Wallpaper

Ghost Girl WallpaperSource

You can create this wallpaper on Photoshop. This wallpaper depicts the ghost of a girl. It is more of a sparkly kind of image. Though it is not as scary, rather it adds to a gothic element to your design.

Dark Ghost Wallpaper

Dark Ghost WallpaperSource

This ghost wallpaper adds a spooky touch to your design that will gain you bonus points. It shows a dimly lit closed corridor and a blurry ghost passing through. Because of its customizable facility, you can add your own touch.

Ghost Painting Wallpaper

Ghost Painting WallpaperSource

This wallpaper is designed in a painting form. It shows a grass field, where a ghost is standing. Be sure to add that horror element with this scary wallpaper.

Halloween Dark Ghost Wallpaper

Halloween Dark Ghost WallpaperSource

For depicting Halloween, this wallpaper shows a graveyard from which a ghost is arising. Such a design is sure to give goose bumps.

Girl Waking Spirits Ghost Wallpaper

Girl Waking Spirits Ghost WallpaperSource

This particular wallpaper also contains ghostly elements. A girl is seen performing witchcraft and waking up spirits.

Ghostface in Scream Wallpaper

Ghostface in Scream WallpaperSource

A funny yet scary wallpaper design of this kind shows a person dressed as a ghost, wearing black robes and a scary ghost mask. Use this wallpaper as per your choice and make your design compliment with the theme.

Ghost Warrior Wallpaper

Ghost Warrior WallpaperSource

Amazing Ghost Rider Wallpaper

Amazing Ghost Rider WallpaperSource

Dark Ghost in Graveyard Wallpaper

Dark Ghost in Graveyard WallpaperSource

This wallpaper is an abstract depiction of a graveyard with ghosts walking past through it. It is designed in an animated way to suit your assignment convenience.

Download Ghost Wallpaper For Free

Download Ghost Wallpaper For FreeSource

Awesome Ghost Wallpaper

Awesome Ghost WallpaperSource

Ghost Playing Piano after Midnight

Ghost Playing Piano after MidnightSource

In this wallpaper, you get to see a piano being played by the spirit of a girl. This has a very gruesome and horror element to it that you can customize pretty easily.

Paranormal Activity the Ghost Dimension

Paranormal Activity the Ghost DimensionSource

Halloween Ghost Wallpaper

Halloween Ghost WallpaperSource

Fantastic Ghost Wallpaper For Free

Fantastic Ghost Wallpaper For FreeSource

This given wallpaper shows a man being haunted by two female ghost spirits. You can download this wallpaper for free and edit its color combination and depth as per your choice.

Therefore, if you are given an assignment where you need to work under the theme of ghosts or horror, then these wallpapers are sure to be of your immense help. Because of its flexibility to be saved in various formats, and compatible in almost all types of devices, they are a must instrument in your work. You can download these ghost wallpapers from many websites, and can edit them in Photoshop with your own touch.

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