Wallpapers nowadays come in unlimited varieties. All credit to the growing creativity of the designers, and surging demands of the audiences, wallpaper designs have witnessed a tremendous leap in the recent years. One category of wallpapers which has seen steady rise is gothic wallpaper. ‘Gothic’ by urban definition is dark design having elements of the sinister and supernatural in them.

Gothic wallpaper has a huge fan following. As the artwork ideas in the genre know no bounds, lovers of gothic scary wallpapers really look forward to seeing the latest.  In this article we list a few of the chart-toppers in the gothic wallpaper category.  

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Gothic Seamless Desktop Wallpaper

This one is a Victorian-inspired innovative gothic artwork which is a fit choice as wallpaper on your computer desktop. This high-end illustration takes cues from the Renaissance theme and the design is rather very ornate.

Amazing Gothic Royal Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper design which breaks away from the conventional gothic design. This wallpaper design takes inspiration from royalty. The color red infuses more liveliness into this very uniquely gothic image.

Awesome Gothic Damask Wallpaper

Check out this yet another intricate gothic design wallpaper which relies more on artistry rather than darkness to draw attention. The black and gray combination instantly attracts and is pleasing to the eye.

Gothic Fantasy Woman Wallpaper

A huge variety of gothic wallpaper is renowned because of the fantasy element which is heroically presented in the design. Check out this gothic wallpaper where a woman is showcased in gothic and dreamy elements.

Nekomimi & Gothic Desktop Wallpaper


Nekomimi is essentially a cat girl cartoon character possessing cat-like traits. Combining this popular character, designers have created numerous gothic-inspired wallpapers. Here is an example. This image is available in several popular, full screen and wide screen resolutions.

Dark Gothic Grave Women Wallpaper

For fans of the dark and scary variety of gothic wallpapers, this wallpaper design having graveyard scary elements is very likely to make a good impression. The dark tones are very cleverly overpowering!

Gothic HD Siyah Wallpaper

This is an image which exudes the vintage and old-school scares of the quintessential haunted house. Overcast with gray skies, and a abandoned home as centerpiece, this image is favorite!   

Fabulous Gothic Scene Wallpaper

The sight of a sinister figure retreating towards the dark woods in the night surely sends chills down the spine. If you’re a fan of such scenes and imagery, then this particular gothic wallpaper ticks all the boxes!

Elegant Scary Gothic Wallpaper

Gothic is synonymous with creepy and scary, and this wallpaper, which has multiple images of a girl that is seemingly possessed, heavily sends out the chills and the creepers. The artwork, may we add, is spectacular.

Fantastic Battlefleet Gothic Wallpaper


Interestingly, gothic elements in video games are a very good source of inspiration for many designers. For the fans of the Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, this is one of the popular wallpapers designed taking inspiration from the videogame.  

High Quality Gothic Wallpaper

Fantasy Girl Ocean Wallpaper

Gothic Red Rose Wallpaper

High Resolution Gothic Wallpaper

Skeleton Musical Gothic Wallpaper

Bloody Red Gothic Background

Fantastic Gothic Castle Wallpaper

Gothic Beauty Desktop Wallpaper

Cool Style Gothic Wallpaper

Dark Eagle Bird Gothic Wallpaper

There is no denying that gothic and dark wallpaper has a huge fan base. Given how many sub-categories and assortment of designs already exist and still continue to be churned out, safe to say that gothic artwork and design will continue to be a rage in the world of design for years to come.

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