Patterns find a wide range of uses when you talk about graphic designs. It is all up to the designer and what the idea is about. Well, in most cases, you don’t have to create the pattern or the texture yourself. You can simply find multiple such patterns available for almost all the themes that you can think of. You may also see Flourish Patterns.

Ranging from a floral pattern to wooden wall pattern, they are available online. In this article, you will scroll through a list of cherry blossom patterns that are available as photoshop patterns or editable vector patterns for you to look at and download. You may also check Gothic Patterns.

Download Cherry Blossom Pattern

Here is a series of 4 different patterns that are available as editable vectors that you can use as backgrounds for a design. You may also see Batik Patterns.

Cherry Blossom Spring Pattern

This is a very simple design that you can download for free as a vector graphic from the given link.

8 Cherry Blossoms Patterns For Desktop

Here is a total of 8 patterns that have been digitally created for everyone to download and use in this floral season.

Seamless Pattern with Cherry Blossom

Not all patterns are supposed to be filled with colors. Some of them can be just outlines, just like this elegant pattern.

Watercolor Cherry Blossom Pattern

Check out this design that you can either download as an editable vector or a simple jpeg image in a resolution of 5000 x 5000 pixels.

Hand Drawn Pattern of Cherry Blossom

This is a hand drawn pattern set in a shade of white on a blue background that is available to you in high-resolution from the given link.

Abstract Cherry Blossoms Pattern

Here are another white colored cherry blossom flower patterns along with a tinge of pink color.

Outline Cherry Blossom Pattern

This pattern of the outlined cherry blossom is of Japanese sakura that you can download as either Illustrator files or a jpeg image.

Photoshop Cherry Blossom Pattern

Download this amazing design that in itself can act as a poster for your bedroom or dining room wall.

Cherry Blossom Background Pattern

Here is a decorative background pattern with blossoming cherry and sakura elements that is available as an editable vector graphic.

Cherry Blossom Vector Pattern

Here are some scattered and unconnected designs of the blossoming cherries that you can download as a vector design and use each element separately if you wish to.

Colorful Tree Background of Cherry Blossom

Here is a digitally illustrated tree of blossoming cherries on a tree in a shade of white on a dark maroon background.

Vintage Cherry Blossom Pattern

Add a little bit of classic vintage and retro look to your design with this brilliant vector illustration that is available for four dollars from the given link.

Cherry Leaves Blossom Pattern

Here is a cherry leaves pattern that has been created by Tim Comstock that you can look at and use for your design ideas.

Decorative Cherry Blossom Pattern

This is another Japanese floral pattern that can really uplift the look and feel of your design.

Abstract Floral Cherry Pattern

Japan Cherry Blossoms Pattern

Cherry Blossom Flowers For Photoshop


Natural Cherry Blossom Pattern

Animated Pink Sakura Pattern

Oriental Chinese Cherry Blossom Pattern

The use of these free and premium patterns is something you should definitely consider this autumn season for your designs. If cherry blossoms are not your kind of thing, you can also scroll through rose patterns for the same.

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