Ever just get that itchy-feet feeling? No, I don’t mean athlete’s foot. I mean that feeling when you’re “itching” to do something, go somewhere. Like you can’t keep still. I’m not sure how that is for you, if you do experience it at all. But for me, it usually happens when wanderlust strikes.

From then on, I find myself checking the interwebs for Free Stock Photography of the many places I wanna go, the sights I wanna see. Though I know that I can’t possibly afford even a ticket and I’m slowly dying on the inside, I continue poring through the myriad of travel photography images, just like the ones here.

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Couple Travel Photography


Creative Travel Photography


Professional Travel Photography


A Beautiful Paradox

People travel for number of different reasons.

  • Explore, see what else is there in the world. Maybe those sights include the Garden of Cosmic Speculation or the largest cheese sculpture.
  • Gain inspiration, perhaps for a novel in the works or for a Travel Photography portfolio. I imagine one would be very inspired by the Northern Lights.
  • Experience different cultures. All the exotic food must be eaten and the wacky customs observed!
  • Meet different people. If there’s even a slight chance that you could meet your very own Jane Bennet while walking around in the North York Moors, why not, right?
  • Run away from problems. No matter what those problems are traveling just seems to be the perfect remedy.

However, when you’re in the thick of it, I found that traveling isn’t so much about why you set out in the first place anymore. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, it seems that the more you get lost in it, the more you’ll find what it was you were looking for. Ain’t that a wonderfully trippy thought? Losing yourself to find yourself . . .

Fashion Travel Photography


Food Travel Photography


Landscape Travel Photography


Outdoor Travel Photography


Me, My Camera, and the World

For those of you planning to do just thattravel and find out just how true that paradox isI’m pretty sure you’re gonna want to take pictures and rack up your Digital Photography collection. After all, how many more times can you possibly go back to Machu Picchu, right?

Anyway, for said collection, you can go with any one of these routes:

  • Follow me to”. This is not exactly a new concept (as it was popularized by a famous Instagram couple). But it definitely still has its own charm, as you can see in “Creative Travel Photography.” 
  • Daredevil. Hitting the Wisconsin slopes? Grab your skis or snowboard and your GoPro, record your descent, and take some wicked screen grabs. Perhaps a little something like “Adventure Travel Photography.”
  • Let the valleys speak. You can never go wrong with a couple good shots of a beautiful expanse of greenery, a wide stretch of Moroccan desert.
  • Adventurous OOTD (outfit of the day). Of course, you can’t skip on a mini photo shoot especially if your wardrobe is on point and your backdrop is the perfect combo of land, sea, and sky, just like in “Fashion Travel Photography.”
  • Food, glorious food. You definitely can’t pass up taking a few snaps of the food in the place you’re traveling to. Feature all of themthe interesting, the strange, the absolutely Michelin star–worthy.

Take a few ideas from our collection, and see how you can up your traveling photo game.

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