Among the many different types of photography, levitation photography is most definitely one of the more magical ones. It doesn’t have that all-out incredibly unreal approach you would see in the fantasy genre. It still clings to reality just enough so that it captures the eye of the viewers and gets them thinking and trying to pinpoint what exactly is off about the picture.

If you want to experiment, scroll through our list of levitation photography ideas to get started. Also check out our Modern Art Photography for more ideas you can try out.

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Levitation Billiards Photography


Balloon Levitation Photography


Couple Levitation Photography


Levitation Pianist Photography


Levitation Fashion Photography


Tips for Your Own Levitation Photography Project

It takes more than just good equipment and a willing model to be able to come up with your own levitation photos. This type of photography is usually done by composting two or more pictures, which means that you’ll also need some photo manipulation know-how.

  • You’ll need a digital camera, of course, a tripod and a stool (basically anything that your model/s can use as support). You can also bring along a fan, to create that free-flowing look if your model has long hair or is wearing a flowy dress.
  • Pay attention to the lighting. Shadows are tricky to work with in post-production, so if you’re doing an outdoor shoot, you may want to do so on a cloudy day.
  • It’s advisable to take your pictures from a low angle. This adds to the illusion of your model/s gravity-defying acts.
  • Positioning your models’ head lower than their feet creates a more surreal image as compared to having them just standing up or sitting down.
  • Add other “floating” objects, by taking multiple shots with those objects in different positions.
  • In order to make the final output look like a single photograph, you need a single focal point for all the shots you take.
  • You can also just let your model jump around if you don’t want the hassle of working with Photoshop.


If something a little more down-to-earth is your thing, check out our gallery of some amazing Vintage Photography.

Levitation Food Photography


Unique Levitation Photography


Creative Levitation Photography

More Than Just Ideas

Levitation photography may not exactly be the easiest thing to do, but the stunning results it allows a photographer to create makes it really quite worthwhile. However, if you feel that you are, as of the moment, not yet ready to embark on this undertaking, it’s not a problem. After you’ve downloaded your favorite shots from the list, you can do with them as you will.

  • Keep them in your folder should you need a little bit of inspiration.
  • Find a nice, empty wall you’d like to decorate, and hang one of these pictures as a framed photo. Doing this would definitely contribute a positive atmosphere to any room.
  • Turn your favorite photograph into a personalized cell phone cover. Grab one of those plastic cases you can find in the stores, trim the picture to match the shape of the case, cut out the holes for the camera or flashlight, then insert it in the case.
  • Create cut-out letters using the pictures and string them up to make party banners.
  • You can also turn them into gift tags, greeting cards and thank you cards for the holidays.


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