One of the most important elements of a hang tag is design. It is responsible for attracting customers thus, resulting in a potential sale. If you are thinking about customizing your own Hang Tag Design, but don’t have an idea where to start, then this article will do you some good!  Scroll through our available Clothing Tag designs and don’t forget to download your pick before exiting.

Do not leave without downloading your pick. They all come in PSD, Vector EPS, and JPG file formats for easy downloading and editing. You can also try out some samples in our Free Tags listing.

Clothing Hang Tag Design


Personalized Clothing Tags


Printable Clothing Tags


Blank Clothing Tag Design

Distinguishing Factor

A customer’s purchasing decision is driven by many factors, but the most common of all is the price value. People nowadays are very particular when it comes to purchasing products. They would normally check the way a product is presented first (if it looks appealing), then check the price and quality if it seems to be worth every penny.

Every clothing line business knows the value of a Clothing Tag, and it is one of the things that they pay close attention to. This powerful tool can influence a customer’s purchasing decision, as it allows them to weigh the quality and value from the counterparts.

Here’s what you get from our list of Clothing Tags:

  • If you are looking for a creative and pre-scaled hang tag design, then the formats that our “Clothing Hang Tag Design”, “Personalized Clothing Tags”, “Printable Clothing Tags”, “Blank Clothing Tag Design”, “Vintage Clothing Tags”, and “Simple Clothing Tag Designs” are ready-made just for you. Just download and customize it however you want.
  • It is very important to place brand tags on your products in order for the customers to recognize your products from other competitors.So, to cover that special need, we also have “Woven Clothing Tag”, and “Clothing Tags For Free” that you can choose from.

Woven Clothing Tag

Vintage Clothing Tags


Clothing Name Tags

Simple Clothing Tag Designs


Tag Along

Clothing Tags play a vital role in every clothing line business. The fashion industry particularly is the largest industry that commonly uses hang tags as part of their brand identity and marketing. It pays to have a good hang tag design, for it can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

We understand that your main objective is to close a sale and be able to compete with your counterparts. In order to increase your sales, you need to only stick to effective marketing techniques and materials. It has become the standard in the industry, which by now, the customers expect to go along with your product.

Vehicle To Good Sales

Here are a few highlights of how Hang Tags can help you:

  1. It helps the customer distinguish the difference between your products from other competitors.
  2. It’s one of the ways to make your brand’s story known.
  3. It can help promote your company and brand.

So, did we cover everything that you’re looking for in a hang tag? If we did, don’t forget to download. The files are available in PSD, Vector EPS, and JPG download format, which are pretty much easy to edit or customize in any known editing software and or platform you desire to use.

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