Tags are something you see every day on each and every product that comes in the market. And tags are not just to put the price on the product, but are also used for multiple other purposes. So in case you are wondering what other purposes tags might solve, have a look at this series of various tag designs that are downloadable for free. The list also shows the purpose of these tags solve and will help you realize the potential of your graphic design skills.

Free Printable Christmas Tag


The first on the list is a collection of some of the most of the elegant designs you will ever find for a Christmas tag. The design is by Portugal-based graphic designer Filipe Lizardo and you can have a look at it for your design reference.

Free Luggage Tag Design


A luggage bag is supposed to have a tag on it with the details of the owner in case it is lost somewhere. Here is a free design that you can use to create a stylish luggage tag for yourself or your client.

Free Price Tag Design


Here is a collection of price tag designs that will fit perfectly for the autumn season sale as it has elements of the autumn weather. You can download this shopping tag for free from the given link.

Free Clothing Tag Template


Clothing tags are not an extra tag anymore. These days more and more companies are just printing their tags on the back of the neck. And here is a similar design that will make a great design reference for your clothing tag design.

Free Dog ID Tags


Here is a design for a dog tag that comes in a great number of designs. The design collection is for Mass Effect dog tags and can be downloaded as a high-quality jpeg image from the given link.

Free Name Tag Template


Reunions and other events like that require people to wear name tags. So in case you are on the organizing committee of such an event, here is an elegant design for the name tag that you can use.

Free Printable Gift Tag


A gift card can be added to any product and sent out as a gift tag. You can even write personal notes on these tags for your elite customers. Download the editable illustrator or eps file from the below-mentioned link.

Free Watercolor Tag Template


Here is tag design template that shows tags in the watercolor finish. You can download the design as an editable vector wherein you can isolate and use these tag designs separately or all at once.

Free Bag Tag Template


Here is another bag tag design that you can use to get professional results. The design is by Andrew Peacock and it is for a wall hanging but you can use it as a reference for your bag tag.

Free Printable Thank You Tag


Check out the below-mentioned link to come across this collection of ready to print thank you tags. They are similar to thank you cards, except they are tags which you can attach to your product to thank the buyer.

Free Seasonal Tag Design


Like the autumn season tag design you saw before, here are some other designs that can be used depending on the weather and time of the year. You can download this collection for free or can recreate something similar.

Free Product Tag Template


Any brand will need a customized product tag for them. And here is a professional design template that shows both front and back design for a great product tag. You can check out the design here.

Free Valentine’s Day Sale Tag Design


Valentine’s Day sale will need you to come up with special tags for your products. And on the day of love, you would want to use a heart shaped tag design like the ones shown here. Download it for free from the given link.

Free Discount Tag Design


Tags are also used to showcase the current or upcoming discount offer your store or brand might have. So here is a free editable vector for you that will help you create amazing discount tags for yourself.

Free Retro Tag Template


Add some colors and the retro looks to your tag designs with the use of this free collection. You can also look at multiple other related tag templates also available under the same link.

Free Sale Tags


Sale tags are something any brand or store will always need to have. So here is a collection of multiple different tag designs for the same that you can download as an editable vector in ai or eps file format.

Free Pet Tag Design


Domesticated pets will need to have a tag for themselves. And depending upon the kind of animal you have, you can pick from the design collection. You can edit these designs and place in your pet’s name in there.

Free Special Offer Tag Design


Special offers call for special tag designs. And here is such a collection that will make your offers even more special with the help of this free editable vector illustration that you can download from the given link.

Free Label Tag Design


Here is a collection of 6 different colorful hanging tags that you can use for any of the above-mentioned purposes. You can download the design pack as a vector illustration from the below-mentioned URL for free.

Free Colorful Tag Design


Here are 3 colorful and fully editable bright tags that you can download as a fully professional and completely layered PSD file. The purpose of these tags can be as varied as the above-mentioned list.

Now that you have seen how vast the usefulness of a simple tag is, you will definitely be finding many of these above-mentioned designs useful as well. Once you have downloaded the needed tag design, you can easily edit them using the compatible editing tool. And you don’t have to particularly stick to the theme of the tag design as well. You can always use one tag design for another purpose.

And this will also stimulate your designer brain and give you more design ideas to work with these free tag design. These free printable tag designs can be used by a beginner with no background in the design field. And can also be used by professional with decades of design experience. And both are capable of coming up with professional results and flawless designs for your clients or yourself in case you to save up on the designer fee.

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