Have you ever found yourself walking along the Hallmark or Blue Mountain Arts aisle of your local bookstore or wherever in your neck of the woods you can find them? Have you ever just looked through their collection of cards and gift tags and think that they’re the most charming little trinkets in the world?

I admit that I’ve been one of those people. I’ve also been one of those people who get discouraged upon seeing just how pretty a penny you have to pay for one.

But with these Printable Gift Tag designs, you definitely have the bang for your buck! They come in different styles and looks and in PSD, Vector EPS, and JPG formats for your customization needs.

Printable Valentine Tag Designs

Printable Valentine Tag

Printable Art Tag Designs

Art Printable Tag Design

Tags in All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

While some of you maybe okay with splurging a bit of extra on certain things, I doubt you’d want to do that with a couple or more eye-catching cards or gift tags. Also, a lot of those out on shelves just look a tad repetitive, like “Oh, I’ve seen this before” (don’t deny that you’ve thought of it). Well, lucky for you, our collection of printable Free Tags offers a wide range of designs.

  • Just Illustrations

When you think about Christmas or the holidays, the go-to colors would, of course, be red and green. But in “Printable Christmas Tag Designs,” you can see that you can deviate from the norm and still have something beautiful. They also primarily show different illustrations to depict the season they were made for, which is perfect because you don’t have to be saddled with a generic greeting and you can use the doodles as “message starters.”

  • Pretty Prints

Have something to give to your tween daughter or niece? Slap on one or two of these “Printable Thank You Tag Designs” and a little short yet sweet message from you, and she’ll treasure both the present and the pretty tag!

  • Totes Just Quotes

When you don’t quite have the right words, a little something from “Printable Art Tag Designs” will take care of that for you!

Abstract Printable Tag Designs

Abstract Printable Tag Design

Printable Wedding Favor Tag Design

Printable Wedding Favor Tag Design

Printable Vintage Tag Designs

Printable Vintage Tag

Printable Holiday Tag Designs

Holiday Printable Tag Design

Printable Chalkboard Tag Designs

Printable Chalkboard Tag Design

Printable Thank You Tag Template


Tags for One and All!

Now just because these little fellas are marketed as printable gift tags doesn’t mean that’s all they’re good for. Aside from its typical use—”appendage” to a present—you can use these beautiful printable gift tags as any of the following:

  • DIY Stickers

Download “Printable Chalkboard Tag Designs” or “Printable Holiday Tag Designs,” plunk some sticker paper into the printer, and bam! You have yourself some cool stickers. The former could also double as labels for your kitchen/pantry goods.

  • Fancy Bookmarks

When you’re in the thick of a study/reading session, it’s easy to get distracted, tired, and weary. If you have a handful of “Printable Art Tag Designs” as your own personal bookmarks of encouragement, you get an awesome two-for-one deal! You’d know where you stopped the last time you read, and you’d have a little pick-me-up when you get discouraged.

  • Event Giveaways

If you’re planning to dole out a few trinkets on your wedding day as take-homes for your guests (who doesn’t?), attach something like the “Printable Wedding Favor Tag Design” onto it, and you have a complete giveaway!


Now that you know all that, go pick and download! But if you want something specific, you can check out these Name Tags.

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