Brown is a warm color, which can be associated with truth & honesty, soil & earth. It can be used by a lot of apparel designers, luxury brands & others. It can also be associated with food and restaurants using logo or poster.  Here are a few free brown textures  that can be implemented into a lot of innovative design ideas.

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Brown Denim Texture

This texture has been made to replicate denim clothes. If we observe the intricacies of the design it resembles a close-knit cloth or denim material. The brown creates the roughness or harshness, and the text is in bold and center with a white border, which definitely stands out. It could be an outstanding design for a lot of apparel companies or fashion websites. There is also slight vignette around the edges so that we pay more attention to the design in the center. This vector texture design can be used in Illustrator, and higher resolution outputs can be obtained from it. These can also go on large hoardings without loss and clarity and color leakage.

Brown Squares Texture

The brown squares design can be implemented on desktops or smartphone games. It could be used as a background for simple games and smartphone screens.

Badly Crumpled Brown Paper Texture

This moderately bright design can be used as a desktop background, and also for website designs specifically made for poets and writers.  You can also edit this texture in Photoshop and add some colors to make it more symbolic. This inspirational design can be downloaded and used instantly.

Brown Wood Texture

This wood texture can be used for some trendy fast food restaurant, as Brown can also represent food. This slightly wavy design can be used as a background texture for restaurants that sell fish delicacies.

Amazing Brown Texture

The amazing brown texture which is symmetrical in design and has repetitive wood block design can be used for a website for furniture and home décor. This texture can also be printed and put on walls or simple cabinets to give the essence of luxury and elegance.

Brown Velvet Seamless Texture

There is a lot of scope for  the brown velvet designs, which can represent fine clothing and luxury apparel. Velvet is considered elegant and liked by women. They find velvet to be comfortable and also extravagant.

Brown Leather Texture

It is considered as the most preferred by both men and women, as many accessories are made with brown leather. It would be a great texture for leather businesses, luxury automobile and accessories. You can make posters, websites, and design logos by using this particular brown leather texture.

Dark Brown Texture

The shades of brown texture well used in making of shoes for men, adds a rugged design to the boots. These rough designs symbolize rough skin and manliness.

Shining Brown Texture

The lavish designs are high res images, which can be edited to insert logo or design through Photoshop. One can also make posters or just use this texture as background wallpaper for your phone.

Stunning Brown Texture

The earthy and unpretentious design texture can be great if used with some light colored text or floral design. It would symbolically represent soil and tree, which can be used as a logo or poster for a florist.

Grungy Brown Texture

Seamless Brown Leather Texture

Rust Metal Brown Texture

Bumpy Brown Plastic Texture

Beautiful Brown Texture

These amazing designs are totally free, and the high-resolution images can be edited easily without any loss of clarity. It could be printed, used online for websites, inserted in logos as a background and texture for games.

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