Download for free the best high quality dark wood textures from our website. There are numerous designing options available to help you make the pick. It is basically the stylization of texture that makes one type differ from another. Being an expert in Photoshop designing, you surely would know that dark wood grain textures are quite popular and can be used to create very unique and stunning backgrounds.

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Dark Wood Texture for Free Download

Even Gray Scale Dark Wood Texture

Dark Wood Texture with Embossed Horizontal Lines

Free Dark Brown Wood Texture

8 Tileable Dark Wood Textures and Patterns


High Quality Dark Wood Texture Background

Experience the most subtle patterned textures

Dark wood textures are superiorly patterned to create that uncanny subtle effect. We feature the widest collection of dark wood plank textures to download for free. Each of the textures available with us is of high quality. These high res textures are perfect to be used in Photoshop to create the most unique and stunning background effects. These textures introduce the perfect richness to the artwork help you bless your designs with a unique appeal.

High Quality Smooth Dark Brown Wood Texture

Dark Wood Texture Background Free Vector

6 High Resolution Dark Wooden Background Textures Pack

High Res Smooth and Glassy Wood Texture

Free Dark Wood Grain Texture

Black Wood Plank Texture


Dark Blurry Curved Raw Wood Texture


Dark Wood Floor Texture

Different combinations make for unique styling

Vintage wood textures are perfect to recreate Photoshop background effects. Some very effective combinations include hues of dark and light grey, hues of black with light brown, and maroon grainy effect over light brown background. All these can be downloaded from our website for free. All these textures come in high resolution and promise to serve the design purposes of all enthusiastic digital designers out there. Dark wood textures are popular options for interior decoration of office space and private patio rooms. Dark wooden textures are available in both matted and glossy formats. Use them now to get the desired effect.

Dark Wavy Wood Texture

Dark Seamless Plank Wood Texture

Tileable Dark Wood Texture

Dark Scarred Wood Texture


9 Free High Res Dark Wood Textures with Grunge Effect

Dark Wood Texture with Grunge Effect

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