Leather textures add a beautiful and classy look to anything from websites and desktop backgrounds to bags and other accessories. It also attracts the attention of the viewer and it also elevates the appearance. Nowadays, there are several stylish textures and types of leather backgrounds available online to choose from and they come in unique, extravagant and contemporary shades and quality.

Brown Leather Textures

Brown Leather Textures

The texture consists of superior finishing and also adds 3D Photoshop classy effects in the background with trimming and distraught patterns. This texture comes with a 300 dpi resolution. 25+ Brown Leather Textures

White Leather Textures

White Leather Textures

White is the color of peace, so it does add up to the elegance. They come in very high resolutions as much as 300 dpi for the best effects. They can be scaled up and below the default resolution if needed. 20+ White Leather Textures

Seamless Leather Textures

It brings a feeling of richness and glamour and looks noteworthy. Its looks are unmatched for websites and eye-catching with the 300 dpi high resolution finish. 36+ Seamless Leather Textures

Red Leather Textures

Red textures on leather gives it a unique glow since, red itself is a bright color and, the patterns are like fine grains with exceptional beauty, and it craves attention a lot with the highest of the resolution. 15+ Red Leather Textures

Black Leather Textures

This texture is of executive class, even though the color is not so glamorous. It will make the background look dazzling with the 300 dpi resolution. 25+ Black Leather Textures

The Top 10 leather Textures From The Above Four Types are

  • Off-White Leather: This 300dpi texture depicts luxury in its class. Comes in 3888x2592px resolution, which is quite good.
  • Perforated Seamless Leather: This texture gives a perforated look. This is a good option for websites. The texture comes with a resolution of 300 dpi and 808x513px.
  • Smooth Red Leather: This design mockup is soothing to the eyes and is a classic addition to websites. It is available in the resolution 2592x1728px which is pretty decent.
  • Blackish Brown Texture: The original size is 1600px across while it is also available in 3400px resolutions but, the creator has to be reached out. This mockup looks like a book cover.
  • Buttoned White Leather: This texture represents excellent skills. In general, it comes at a resolution of 1024x724px which is usable and abstract.
  • White Faux Leather: This material is simple and lustrous and resembles stunning excellence. The mockup is available in 1024x724px resolution and can be scaled up.
  • Soft Grey Seamless Texture: This is elegant and eye-catching for the viewers. The shade is slightly bluish on the back and has a furry look throughout. The mockup is 300dpi which is accurate for website backgrounds.
  • Dark Red Leather: This shade of leather is pretty close to the color purple and it expresses the depth of picture quality in 300dpi and brilliant artwork.
  • Contemporary Shiny Speckled Leather Texture: Lustrous and elegance is what seems from this mockup at 300dpi and can be a good background for websites if light colored text is used.
  • Classic Leather texture: This texture denotes luxury and comes with a decent resolution of 1024x600px. Authentic themed websites can opt for this.

So, these leather textures shown above are special and beautiful in their own way and you can choose the one you like, as per your needs. The type of products you want to present to your audience will be influenced by the choices you make. There are lots of varieties one can also check in each of these categories that can offer beautiful look to different areas.

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