Red is the color of love and harmony. It is one of the most popular colors for weddings and signifies love between people. It is a bold and fashionable color for wearing in parties. It is also used widely for painting house and office walls. Red texture has many variations which you can choose from. There are Free Texture Designs available on the internet to choose the kind of red you need for your wedding or red – carpet event or even your red velvet cake.

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Free Red Metal Texture

This texture has a metallic finish to its design. The Red Texture is brushed and shiny. Free vector textures are available for free download for this design. It can be downloaded as a .jpg image.

Grunge Red Texture

The grunge red texture, as the name suggests, has an untidy finish to it. It involves messy brush strokes with a gradient dark red color. It can be found in PSD textures Tumblr.You may also see Red Leather Textures.

Seamless Red Texture

Free vector textures are available for this geometric red texture design. It is a graphic style design in a combination of different red colors such as maroon and light red.

Dark Red Background Texture

An ideal design for wall paints, the red texture for the background is like an abstract painting. The design has uneven strokes of different red colors put together in a blend.

Colorful Red Glitter Texture

This red texture is usually used for designing sequin dresses for parties and events. There are many glitter shades available for the color. Free vector textures for this design can also be downloaded.

Dark Red Texture Design

The dark red texture has an intense design and uses the darkest shade for in layers. The design involves a gradual movement from light to dark red textures creating an intermingling effect.

Red Leaf Texture

This texture has the effect of a red rose petal. Light shades of the color are mixed together in different layers to create this leaf design. It also shows the embossed veins of a leaf.

Shaded Red Wood Texture

This red texture for wood is one of the most common free vector textures. This design is created in the style of a wooden log with red color. It is also available as PSD texture Tumblr.

Colorful Red Cloth Texture

A cloth texture design is quite different from any other red texture. It is styled with an abstract fabric as the background. The seamless pattern of a red cloth is visible in the texture.

Abstract Red Texture

Made with strokes of different tints of red, this red texture is designed as an abstract painting. It consists of many light and dark shades of the color mingled in different layers.

Red Velvet Texture

The latest trend in the cookery world, red velvet texture has a shady finish. It can be downloaded as a free vector texture in the jpg format. It has a reflection of a velvet cloth.

Red Leather Texture

The red texture in leather design consists of a single red shade with a little glossy finish. There are many lines spread all over the texture to give it the look of leather. It is available for free download.

Red Watercolor Texture

Watercolor designs are in trend for making DIY cards. The red texture with watercolor is easy to create. It is a blend of plain water and red watercolor. The design consists of uneven red color patches.

Red Fabric Texture

Red is the traditional color for the bride to wear in the wedding. The silk look of the red texture is glossy and shiny. It has a shady finish. It available as free vector textures to download.

Red Paper Texture

Another popular design for painting walls, this red texture is not shiny but smooth in style. It is a preferred color of wall paint and also used for wedding card invites.

Seamless Red Texture


Red Fabric Silk Texture


Download Red Leather Texture


Red Painted Metal Texture


Downloadable Red Texture


How to use these “Red Textures”?

Red textures are widely used in our daily lives. You can search for a lot of red texture designs on the internet for choosing an unconventional and unique texture for your purpose. These textures are easy to use. You just have to download your favorite texture from the sites like Shutterstock, vecteezy, freepik, etc. They are also found as PSD textures Tumblr.

They are available as free vector textures for downloading and can be downloaded in the jpg file format. Make sure you download the file in high resolution to keep the texture as it is. Once downloaded, you can print the image and use it for your purpose.You may also see Red Carpet Textures.

Red texture has its significance in the society. It is trendy for wall painting and glamorous dresses and it is traditional for rituals and weddings. You can now choose your favorite red texture style from a multitude of free texture designs.

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