While most of the details in a given design are gone into representing the foreground, it is also very important that there is a complementing and useful background behind which keeps the essence of the design intact by staying in the background, like a drummer of the rock band. Textures and patterns come in real handy to give the design of tonality. And there are multiple Free Textures that you can look at. But here are the designs that showcase the elegance of silver textures.

Editable Silver Textures Pack

Here is a collection of silver textures contained in a single pack. All the textures are set in a high resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and can be downloaded as stock textures from the given link.

Silver Drops & Ripples Texture

Here is a texture that shows the liquid aspect of the representation with a drop and the ripples with the reflection from the surface that is similar to the silver metal background.You may also see Silver Foil Textures.

Wall Rough Silver Texture

Here is a texture where the surface is not so plain as you would expect from a shiny metal plate. But it is more of a rough mud wall with a lining of silver paint on top of it.

Silver Watercolor Texture

Here is a silver texture that has achieved with the use of watercolor. You can see the texture of the surface as that of being paper and can be used for greeting cards and such.

Shiny Silver Textures Pack

If you are looking for a pack with multiple designs that are similar to the antique collection you see at a heritage home then have a look at this premium pack with 18 silver digital papers and textures.

Silver Paper Foil Texture

Here is a shiny silver gray texture achieved through the realistic foil. You can use this background texture for free from the given link. Download the stock photo here for your design decoration.

High-Resolution Silver Texture

Here is a high-resolution silver glass texture where you can see the veins of the surface reflecting the silver-gray light. You can download this silver texture from the below-mentioned link.

Silver Glitter Textures

Add some shine and glitter to your designs for scrapbook or cards or any other digital or print design using this premium pack of 10 jpeg images in a resolution of 300 dpi in a size of 12 x 12 inches.

Christmas Shine Silver Texture

Here is a silver texture that will be a great choice of background in this holiday season. You can download the designs in multiple formats and sizes depending upon your requirements.

Silver Leather Texture

Here is a texture of leather that falls under the category of silver. There might not be multiple uses of this texture unless you are in the leather industry or use it for related purposes.

Photoshop Silver Texture

Here is a silver texture set in a resolution of 4900 x 3200 pixels and can be downloaded as a jpeg image from the given link. You will have to pay a modest amount for this.

Silver Metal Sheet texture

Here is a realistic photo of the silver sheet that is used to cover manholes and other sturdy structures. You can download this textured metal sheet and use in multiple design projects and ideas.

Silver Metal Texture

If you are looking for a rustic metal sheet of silver then go ahead and download this free copy of a high-quality stock photo from the given link and make your task a little easier.

Brushed Metal Silver Texture

Here is a silver metal texture with a brushed effect where you can see the brush lines on the surface. The texture is available in two different sizes for you to check which one works for you.

Silver Leaf Foil Texture

Here is another silver foil texture with the shiny reflection common to this metal. This texture is also available for free and can be downloaded from the given link as a stock photo.

Circular Silver Texture


White Silver Glitter Bokeh Textures


Seamless Silver Texture Background

How to use these “Silver Textures”?

These silver textures are to be used just like how you would any other texture design for your project. First, download the texture which you might want to use for your design, and then using the editing software you are comfortable with, work your way on the design. You can also use any of the online editing tools for hustle free work.

You can either place it as a background for your design or you can use it as an image for your card or a flyer. These silver textures are mostly used as backgrounds. And same goes for most of the textures.You may also see Silver Metal Textures.

If they don’t take up your entire background, you can use it a confined background for any design element. The choice is yours and depends on your design idea then. So go ahead and download these silver metal textures for your upcoming projects that can also be used to build your profile or portfolio for presenting to future clients.

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