If you are yearning for a floor with a vintage look, then you should be the one going for the black textures. This is because of the fact that the black ones have a tinge of nostalgic look to it and you will definitely feel good when you have these black wood textures for your floor designs. There are a lot of options to choose from and you will be stunned by the kind of collection that is found in the internet.

30 Black Background Texture Patterns

Black Texture Background Vector

Simple Plain Black Texture

Broken Glass Black Texture

 Black Wall Free Texture

Gorgeous designs to choose from

There are a lot of designs that has been taken up in order to create these textures and they consist of a royal feel when you place them in your floorboards. They can also be used as website theme backgrounds or even blog content backgrounds in order to make the look even interesting for the visitors.

High Quality Black Grungy Texture

Download Black Texture Wallpaper

Dark Black Background Texture

Dirty Black Grungy Texture

Film Scratch Black Texture

Now all you have to do is to make sure that you pick any one of these high quality designs and then you can please your clients easily. These textures can be used as desktop wallpapers and as phone backgrounds as well and even then, they will look beautiful.

Elegant Wooden Black Texture

High Resolution Diamond Black Texture

Crumpled Black Wall Texture

Black Fabric Texture

Elegant Black & White Texture

You only have to design on your own using Photoshop and if you personalise them using photos and quotes, they can serve to be amazing greeting cards as well.

Black Denim Fabric Texture

Black Cat Fur Texture

Binding Dark Black Texture

Binding dark Black Texture


 Black Door Striped Texture

Eroded Concrete Surface Texture

You just have to make the right choice and you will be amazed how the old texture designs can change your floors in a new way.


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