Now, the red carpet is not only used to lavishly cover up the floor but it is also used as the background of the websites. It features beautiful texture and pattern on the red carpet that can smarten up any design in an exemplary manner.  These rich textures will increase the credibility and value of any framework with its charisma! Feel free to put your fingers on any textures as these appealing carpet textures are absolutely free downloadable.

Dark Red Carpet Texture

Dark Red Carpet TextureDownload Button

Seamless Red Carpet Texture Pattern

Seamless Red Carpet Texture PatternDownload Button

Red Carpet Texture

Red Carpet TextureDownload Button

The lush red colour of the carpet textures will certainly bring all the attention towards the artwork- use its magical outlook to attract the target audience. For your personal project or a commercial one, you can select any texture from this massive collection of alluring textures. Using these Photoshop textures as the backdrop of flyers, posters and banners will make them look sparkling and lively- download your favourite one today!

Download High Res Red Carpet Texture

Download High Res Red Carpet Texture.jpgDownload Button

High Res Red Carpet Texture

High res Red Carpet TextureDownload Button

From flourishing red to blooming red, these carpet textures are available in every shade of red, and it will blend with your design flawlessly. These high-resolution textures display plain carpet surface as well as the carpet with different patterns such as floral, polygon, polka dots, etc. For the blogs related to the big events or functions, you can use these red carpet textures to make it look interesting and exciting for the readers.

Red Carpet Texture for Photoshop

Red Carpet Texture for PhotoshopDownload Button

Free Red Carpet Texture

Free Red Carpet TextureDownload Button

Use the high-quality carpet textures over the traditional images as they display the smooth and silky fabric of the carpet beautifully. If you love red, then you can set these textures as your desktop wallpaper.

Pro Royalty Red Carpet Texture

Pro Royalty Red Carpet TextureDownload Button

12 High Res Red Carpet Textures

12 High Res Red Carpet TexturesDownload Button

Wedding Red Carpet Texture

Wedding Red Carpet TextureDownload Button

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